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The Village Van – Update

The Village Van mobile shop had been a welcome consequence of ‘Covid lockdown’. Vendor Tom, with Claude (his trusty 1973 Citroen van) started a delivery round of North Norfolk villages, as his normal street-food business was curtailed by Government restrictions. Outside West Beckham Church at 1.30pm, on a Thursday, became a regular meeting place and several residents were introduced to others as a result! In addition, the supply of preordered fruit and veg boxes or delicious fresh produce from local suppliers, like Sharrington strawberries, Mrs Temples cheeses and store cupboard options like Letheringsett Mill flour, among many others, where available to buy on the day! We will miss Tom along with his helpers, Sarah and Holly, who have now returned to their regular work – so we have to say goodbye and we wish them well for the future. If you are in need of a catering company contact: HELLO@NEALLSKITCHEN.COM or phone Tom on 07761606328.

11th June SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Thursday 11th June 2020 VENUE: BY ZOOM Virtual meeting Opened meeting 7:00PM Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, David McNeight, Rosabelle Batt, Lorraine and Simon Wakeford, Andrew Clarke, David Barrass, John Stibbons, Ardna Curran, Frances Prokofiev 1. Apologies: Tracy Toyne 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (Feb 2020) 3. Projects Update A. Good Neighbour Scheme Since the last SCFC meeting the Covid19 pandemic created an emergency to kick start a ‘Good Neighbour Scheme” with our Parish neighbours Bodham. This has created a fantastic foundation for the future. The Co-Ordinator, Mel Clarke, assisted by family and volunteer neighbours have contacts for 336 villagers in Bodham, and Lower Bodham, East and West Beckham. These contacts were collated in response to 2 leaflet drops by Beckham’s Bulletin delivery team and Bodham’s team. The demands on the scheme have been steady throughout. Tasks such as Prescription collection from Holt, Boots, Cromer and Aldborough. Weekly shopping and general calls to check up on people. Through their calls it was picked up that an elderly gentleman who had fallen had been on his floor for over 24 hours – Social Services help was arranged and he is back at home but the volunteers are supporting him with cooking food, shopping and prescriptions. Mel Clarke has highlighted there are several villagers on their list who need help all the time and it is her intention to continue to support them as long as they need it. A grant of £1000 has been awarded by Government to support the community Good Neighbour Scheme and these funds have been made available to the scheme. Additionally Mel’s team have also created 94 Laundry bags, 205 knitted Covid heart pairs, 469 knitted ear guards, 48 scrub hats, 10 complete sets of scrubs, 2 scrub tunics, 9 blankets for care homes, 21 face masks. B. Walking Leaflet The Parish Walk leaflet has been in great demand and the 200+ copies used up. A new print run should be ordered. (NB This leaflet is also printable from the village website As other circular walks have been ‘discovered’ it was suggested a selection of others (5 or 6) should be created with points of interest in the same manner. E.g. towards Gresham, Hell Hole, Alymerton Cross via East Beckham, JD to review file of West Beckham Walkers past walks to draw upon. KL to send a copy of the walk to Alymerton Cross to JD Appeal from RB that the Country code be highlighted on the leaflet – especially closing gates; as a recent incident meant the cows had escaped from their pasture into the potato field! C. West Beckham Village Sign The new sign is finished and waiting for delivery. The Old sign needs to be taken down so the RSJ can be refurbished (cleaned and painted black) The new sign can be stored for installation planned for late summer. Possible picnic or socially distanced gathering on the green by Chestnut Farm to unveil the new sign. KL to contact RMNW to ask for assistance and storage. D. West Beckham Cemetery – General Tidy There are a number of historic gravestones in the cemetery which are being hidden by ivy, brambles, long grass and low lying tree branches. A general discussion over the pros and cons of working on these areas and it was decided to leave for the time being. The Church would need to be contacted and would a plan be useful especially with increased interest of ancestors (survey of the burial grounds available?) KL to ask. E Bus Stop Bench West Beckham The existing bench has been moved and fitted outside on the concrete pad opposite the Bus Shelter by RMNW and GP. It looks very good. JS advised a flat pack teak bench ‘special offer’ for £284 is available which could be installed in the shelter. JS to order. JD to review fixings in Bus Shelter. F. Village Van Shop and Bodham Proposed Shop “The Village Van” had been visiting weekly on a Thursday lunchtime at the Church and had been well used/appreciated during the warm weather, especially as a destination walk from around the village. This may not be sustainable for the van owners especially outside summer months. Bodham Shop – a public meeting had been planned (pre Covid) with guest speakers from various community shop/cafes/centres in the area. Cllr Ringer had emailed directly those who had taken part in the ‘shop survey’ and there had been keen interest from Bodham. There was no actual shop site available so far. The Wheatsheaf Pub must be struggling during lockdown and the Wheatsheaf shop was not successful. The WB Church did not have facilities (toilet, kitchen, water) to create a social centre/shop location and Bodham and Beckham Village Hall is already a good social centre in normal times. G. RAF West Beckham Information Board for the Village Hall The original deadline for this creation was the VE day commemoration in May but as Covid19 changed this. No progress had been made. Mike Digby has an extensive library of pictures and literature. These are displayed on a Flickr/Facebook etc but not a good resolution for expanding and printing. Chevertons printers would be able to help create the board. JD to try and contact Mike Digby to ask for higher resolution images or his help? H. Horticultural Show 2020 The show had been cancelled for this year. A Solar Community Fund trophy (suggested option a glass paperweight?) could be supplied for a specific class. To be followed up. I. Next Bulletin Suggested for inclusion: Covid19 Good Neighbour Scheme – get a picture of Mel and her team? Thanks for NHS & Careers & Key workers – photos of the Rainbows and Fences! RAF West Beckham – do you have any memories we can include? ( Info board to go into the Village Hall) Thanks to ex Cllr Roy Simpson for the refurbishment of the East Beckham Village sign – he created the sign in the first place but now lives in Gresham WB Village sign removal and new sign installation A new fence for the play area in West Beckham – East Beckham litter picker Tony McKay – keeping the area tidy for everyone. Village Van photos and write up 4. AOB The Read More …

19th February SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Wednesday 19th February 2020VENUE:  Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham)Opened meeting7:05PM Attended by:Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, David McNeight, Rosabelle Batt, Lorraine andSimon Wakeford, Andrew and Lynne Clarke1. Apologies:Tracy Toyne, David Barrass, John Stibbons, Paula Coast, Ardna Curran, Frances Prokofiev2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (Nov 2020) 3. Projects UpdateA. NNDC Meeting – VE & VJ day celebrationsJulia and Kathryn had attended the above networking meeting. There are many activities planned around the county for May 8th Weekend and throughout the summer – 1940’s weekend 2nd weekend in September. (Further review meeting 31st March). We met with the representative of Langham Dome who gave details of the company (Ugly Studios) who researched and produced graphically all the excellent information boards at the exhibit. JD to contact Ugly for initial meeting/costingand the Village Hall is happy to house a ‘heritage display’ which covers RAF West Beckham etc. Possible to create for 1940’s weekend 2nd week September? JD sent details of West Beckham RAF etc to NNDC to be included in the ‘World War Remembrance map’ of Norfolk which NNDC are creating.B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Hedging has been cut on the road side of the allotment. (A discussion was held over power/telephone/broadband cables, and whose responsibility it is to cut trees?)Bonfire(s) in allotment ground continues to grow with ‘green matter’. This still needs to be tackled/cleared (chainsaw needed) but weather has not been good. Hedgehogs may also be nesting underneath.An allotment holder (first 2 plots by car park) has asked for the chance to put some Bee Hives onto their allotment. Everyone was keen to have the bees and would be good for pollination everywhere. JD advised free fruit trees are available from NNDC and we could plant a community orchard. It was felt the amount of work (responsibility of pruning) would be move than we could commit to. RB advised Gresham used to have community orchard but this no longer exists. C. Village Sign West BeckhamKL advised the sign is being painted by Village Sign People and then will be fitted into the frame/post.It will be ready in March.Invoice £5,675:00 to be sent to JS for a cheque to be handed over when the new sign is delivered.We will need to arrange dismantling of the old sign. (SW to investigate the current set up what is needed to dismantle?)Old sign – what could be done with it? Would the pub be interested? (Note: may depend on condition of the sign – rot etc)JD to ask JMNWif the garage/barn can be used to store the new/old sign. KL to contact RMNWregards use of equipment, to move/install the new sign.Possible Village Event for the installation – possible involvement of the Wheatsheaf Pub? This could be a Village Heritage day? D. New Bench Opposite the West Beckham Bus StopRB volunteered to measure and photograph the concrete pad opposite the bus stop(outside Chestnut Farm) to ensure the existing large Glasdon bench would fit. If so, a new wooden bench could be bought to replace the Glasdon bench currently in the bus stop. RB will circulate results by email.E. Village Clean UpJD to order‘Wet and Forget’ product. This can be used to clean the green algae on the white village gates. F. Playground West BeckhamThe picnic table needs sanding down or treating. The fencing and gates are no longer stable. (TT is doing the playground review this month for the Parish Council Meeting).KL to reviewpossible gate/fence options for next meeting.G. Community Action Norfolk (CAN) – Good Neighbour SchemeJD and AC attended a meeting on the 5th February with CAN representative Sally ThorntonBelow is a report by Ardna with full details. Is a Good Neighbour scheme in East and West Beckham possible – there are so few residents – could Gresham, Bodham or even Kelling be included? A suggestion to set up a meeting with the 2nd Defibrillator Training/First Aid session and the CAN representative Sally Thornton will do a presentation. Problem with Bodham and Beckham VH as a venue would be lack of car parking – possibly Gresham would be better? (Discuss with JS) H. Bodham ShopCallum Ringer advised there was due to be a public meeting (in late March) with the results of the survey. (150 returns all positive, apart from 1)SCFC felt the lack of a site maybe a problem and once in a car it was ‘easier’ to travel further to the shops.I. SCF Trophy for the Horticultural ShowIt was suggested a trophy should be offered (maybe a glass paperweight rather than a shield??) As TT was unable to attend the meeting –discuss with TT suitable options.J. Bulletin next issue  Springtime – so we can include:Installation of New Village signDefibrillator & First Aid & CAN meeting date?Heritage Day date?Cromer Cancer Unit – appeal for fundraising – information attached. Copies will be posted on the Village notice boards. ‘thanks’ for:1. East Beckham Sign refurbishment2. Playground refurbishment (gate & painting)3. Regular Litter Picking by East Beckham resident4. AOBChestnut Farm trees that had come down in recent storms Ciara/Dennis – a large evergreen by the bus stop (which was very quickly cleared,) and another which has fallen on the East side of Chestnut Farm barn in Church Road. Post meeting – this has now been partially cleared. 5. Next Meeting dateat 7PM at Julia Dovey’s Home2nd APRIL 2020Meeting closed 8.20pm

The Village Van – Weekly update

Dear All, I hope you are all keeping safe and well! What a week it has been – we have now completed two full weeks in all our locations and it is fantastic to see so many familiar faces coming back week after week to shop and support The Village Van. We hope that you continue to find our service and offering, of value. We have now published next weeks schedule which begins on Tuesday the 28th April. There has been a small shift in timings for West Beckham and Bodham but all other locations and timings remain the same. We have also updated our product list which is now available online here. As ever, all things remain subject to availability but one thing is for sure, we have plenty of flour in stock! Please do share the important information below around your villages and communities, especially to those without access to the internet. It is great that so many of you are doing this so well already. Looking forward to another busy week ahead and seeing you all out there. Please do stay safe and if you have any questions at all then do not hesitate to get in contact. Best wishes, Tom The Village Van Schedule Fruit and Veg boxes are now available to order online! Remember to get your orders in online for your Fruit and Veg box for this coming week. As ever you are welcome to shop at the van on the day but if you wish to collect a pre made box of lovely fresh produce then do head over to our website and get your orders in. We have also now opened up this service for delivery to North Creake, South Creake, Burnham Ovary and Burnham Ovary Staithe – these will be for delivery on Friday 1st of May (N.B Not from the Van). Order a Fruit and Veg Box Social Distancing Everyone has been great so far but please remembers a few important measures that we all need to take in order to protect one another and keep this service going: Keep at least 2 meters distance when queueing Strictly only one person per household to visit the van Please order at least 2 meters from the van. We know its tempting to get closer to Claude (The Van) but we must refrain from doing so Contactless payment is preferred (we will only accept cash if absolutely necessary). The Village Van in Field Dalling Stay Connected Facebook The Village Van Norfolk Food Trucks Limited, Ramsgate House, Norfolk, NR24 2AX

6th November SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Wednesday 6th November 2019 VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham) Opened meeting 7:00PM Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, John Stibbons, David McNeight, Rosabelle Batt, Lorraine and Simon Wakeford, Ardna Curran, Paula Coast, Andrew and Lynne Clarke 1. Apologies:Tracy Toyne David Barrass, 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (August 2019) 3. Projects Update A. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotment The Allotment track and carpark resurfacing had been successfully completed by the contractor Witham. KL raised the problem of soil/sand run off from the track higher up over the new ‘car park’ surface. Witham had created a small ‘ditch’ for run off but this is now completely filled back up. Is there anything they can suggest to improve and control run off? Hedging has not yet been tackled yet but Witham have been working in the area. RB to investigate with contractor. B. Electricity cables (and Telephone/Broadband) The newly low strung electric cable at the allotment entrance doesn’t seem to have caused an issue so far. East Beckham Hall still has no broadband service since the thunderstorms of 25th/26th July. Open Reach have been working all over the Villages including trimming trees at the corner of Long Lane / Chestnut Farm where the cables had frayed. It was noted the telephone and broadband service is intermittent/dropping and with poor sound quality on lines for many in the villages. Superfast Fibre is laid to the West Beckham village sign area but still no provision promised until December 2019? Outer reaches of the village still have extremely poor service (under 2mb) JD to get in touch with Rural Broadband (in Heacham area) who assists getting government subsidy for the public. NB : Did David Barrass make any progress with this after the August meeting? The deadline for submission is 31st December 2019. C. West Beckham Allotment Felbeck Trust had started the work on the allotment and had planted 350 trees. They had cut the allotment field too. Help came from about 20 people on a ‘Corporate Volunteer’ day. Entrance gates and a secure tool shed had been created using the donation from the SCFC. D. Village Sign West Beckham KL had advised the VSP regards 2020 on the sign which was confirmed as no problem. Coloured artwork was approved but a request for the solar symbols to be black not green had been given to VSP E . Cutting Hedges at EB & Clearance Bonfire See point A re hedges. RB Bonfire Heap. Having tried to burn KL reported this ‘dump’ is too large and difficult to burn. A new bonfire needs to be created to burn the waste alongside – also to ensure no hedgehog or wildlife are not hurt. There are large trees in this pile which need to be chainsawed to enable clearance. JD to contact Richard Hudson to see if he could help? Free firewood? F. New Bench Opposite the West Beckham Bus Stop JD discussed the possible placement with the Wilsons and it was directed to discuss with Robert McNeil Wilson at the next PC. KL thought the trees are in the way of the current bus stop pad, so trimming will also need to be discussed/approved. (A new Glasdon bench would be suitable for outside or buy a wooden (cheaper option) for the Bus Stop and move the Glasdon bench to outside. Could this bench be made a memorial or named. Original suggestions in the Village Questionnaire was to have Wrights Corner?) G. Village Clean Up It was felt this should be left until Spring. JD and AC to investigate the cleaning of the Church Village Gates with ‘Wet and Forget’ product. H. Playground West Beckham Nigel Roe had very kindly rubbed down and painted in green the rusting bars of the climbing cube. He had also painted the basketball hoop and removed the broken backboard. It was decided a net for the hoop was not needed. The hinge repairs to the playground gate by Robert Toyne had been completed too. It was however noted that there is now a restricted access which may cause a problem with a pushchair etc. JD to discuss with Tracy/Robert. I. Bulletin next issue The Bulletin had been delivered in October as an Autumn Edition. There had been praise for the content and style. One advert had been placed by FABS ‘Move It Or Lose’ Club. It had been added as a point of information but there had been an offer of payment. KL to ask for a donation which would go to the SCFC (East and West Beckham Parish Council). The Bulletin issue had cost £100 this time round. Next Issue to include ‘thanks’ for: 1. East Beckham Sign refurbishment 2. Playground refurbishment (gate & painting) 3. Regular Litter Picking by East Beckham resident 4. AOB North Norfolk Community Transport were asking for a donation. The Bodham Shop Questionnaire had not been issued/completed as yet? JS provided details of a ‘community group/good neighbour scheme’ called ‘Can Connect’ in North Norfolk. They are offering advice with set ups. ACu to get in touch to see what is possible. LM asked for ‘Speeding in the Village’ to be addressed further. VAS signs are not necessarily working elsewhere or signs on Rubbish bins….. What else? RB possible attendance to meeting with Local Police Inspector Thursday 21st November at 1pm in the Village Hall at Hindringham (NR21 0AA). JS to advise parish councillors names who wish to attend by no later than Monday 18th November. Wind Turbine progress – inspectors had visited and decisions are expected end November. The latest ‘Royal Haskoning DHV & Equinor’ Wind Farm cable laying scoping proposals were raised as concerns – these are new cable areas which are additional to the previously known Hornsea Three Dong Energy (now known as Orstead) LINKS TO BOTH SCHEMES PROVIDED, This new document is very large with 310 pages – the maps are at the back of the document showing West Beckham land falling into their scope. The second link is the other older scheme to the interactive map – drill down on the map to see in close up using the +/- to see the location of substation near Little Barningham/ Plumstead/Edgefield and routes of the cabling through Read More …

13th August SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Tuesday 13th August 2019 VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham) Opened meeting 7:00PM Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, John Stibbons, David Barrass, David McNeight, Rosabelle Batt, Lorraine Wakeford, Ardna Curran. 1. Apologies: Simon Wakeford, Tracy Toyne 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (June 2019) It was noted the PC had officially thanked the resident who had restored the East Beckham village sign and the post. His hard work was greatly appreciated by all. 3. Projects Update A. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments DM requested funds for 2 more tap adapters to install the final 2 bulk liquid containers. Funds would be approx £50. It was agreed this was worth while and the water tanks are being well used by the allotmenteers. B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotment RB had been in touch with Withams the local farm contractors. They are going to complete the resurfacing of the track/car park using road chipping and this will take 2 days approximately to complete. They are currently use with farm work but will get in touch with RB when they have a moment to work on the job. Hedges around the allotment could also be done by this contractor. We will ask when they start the job to schedule 2 times a year. It was noted that electrical cables had been removed and replaced recently with higher, stronger cables. On the allotment side of the road the cable appeared low and runs through the trees. Should this be reported – DM to measure the height. C. Use of Allotment West Beckham The Parish Council meeting held in July voted for the allotment to be incorporated into the Felbeck Trust agreement which would offer open access to all, simplicity of management and be 4 acres more of specific nature conservation. Attached to these minutes is the proposal from the Felbeck Trust (sorry this was not sent out with the agenda KL). It was agreed at the meeting a ’start up’ contribution to pay for regular cutting/baling of the field, plus installation of a secure shed ‘adaptation’ to benefit the FT. This will be proposed to the PC in September. In the meantime FT would go ahead and cut/bale the field to remove unwanted dock seed etc. D. Village Sign West Beckham The Village sign people JD and KL met up and the coloured artwork was agreed. This will come when it is possible for the Designer to start work (after some ‘welcome sign’ designs for another village which may be a couple of months). No fixed date has been indicated. It was thought ‘ 2020’ on our sign as a date of installation would be preferable. KL to advise VSP. E. Emergency Help Network There was a discussion to approach to District Councillor Piere Butikover and Norman Lamb MP but as the East of England Ambulance service are not about to adopt this system and have other issues it is unlikely to be successful. ACu advised she had already tried this course of action to no avail – no new ideas where forthcoming. F Cutting hedges + Clearance East Beckham allotment. RB to ask Withams Contractors to cut hedges when they come to do the Allotment Track. They should be cut twice per year? There needs to be clearance of the bonfire (old trees grubbed up previously from the hedge line + some fly tipping of laurel hedge). DB/DMcN to review and set light. Once this is cleared the ground could be cut and cleared at the empty plots. G. New Bench for Opposite the West Beckham Bus Stop JD to check with JMN-W if this land is theirs where the Bus Stop stand is situated. If so is it suitable to install a bench? It was thought a new Glasdon bench would be suitable for outside or buy a wooden (cheaper option) for the Bus Stop and move the Glasdon bench to outside. Could this bench be made a memorial or named. Original suggestions in the Village Questionnaire was to have Wrights Corner? H. Expenditure Ongoing A reserve fund of approximately £5,000 – £10,000 for maintaining the various projects. Another annual contribution is due in October from the Solar Array Company. The PC have also asked the Solar Array Company to carry on paying the PC for longer than the 10 years originally agreed. The Company are currently asking for an operational extension to the original 25 year to 40 years via planning. Another expenditure that could occur in future was a possible village shop being investigated by Bodham Parish Council. This was at a very early stage of investigation and Beckham PC have agreed to help distribute a Questionnaire to all villagers in the Parish along with the Bulletin. I. Village Clean Up JD and AC to investigate the cleaning of the Church Village Gates with ‘Wet and Forget’ product. J. Bulletin next issue (summer asap) KL to compile a new Bulletin issue to go out after the horticultural show (27th July) so that the winners could be highlighted like last year. Village Sign – black and white designs Village Pump installation Ancestry enquiry – copy had been sent from America and an extensive list of ‘Thomas Bird’ Descendants. (available by request) KL to advise the American lady that there had never been a St Mary’s Church in West Beckham – an error? JD had tried to contact M Digby without success regarding the Wellington Bomber. JS advised details were in the Gresham Village history but will not include in the Bulletin this time. Horticultural Show details and Film Club and QuizNight. Christmas Lunch date available. NHS 5 Year Health Plan. The consultation was too late to be distributed by the Bulletin. Shop at Bodham – questionnaire can be circulated separately but mentioned in this issue Bulletin. 4. AOB During the recent lightening storm various damages had occurred to property and phone lines in the village. It was noted Open Reach had been working on the lines and are due to return (it has been 3 weeks since the storm). The Defibrillators x2 are working as JS has tested them but the small power lights have gone out. DB is interested in pursuing the Broadband connection in Read More …

11th June SCFC Minutes 2019

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Tuesday 11th June 2019 VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham) Opened meeting 7:35PM Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, Andrew Clarke, Rosabelle Batt, David McNeight, Tracy Toyne, David Barrass (briefly) 1. Apologies: Simon and Lorraine Wakeford, Lynne Clarke, Frances Prokofiev 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (April 2019) 3. Projects Update A. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments DM advised the water capture was working apart from 1 slight leak on tank 3 which would need attending to. There was approximately 1500 litres so far. As there are 3 spare tanks left 1 would be moved to adjoin KL/DM allotment shed roof to capture water instead of wasting the overspill. B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotment DB advised no further quotes had been forthcoming. KL to have a word with neighbour. RB to discuss with contact at the Gresham Gravel. Suggestion was to decide a budget and work to this to give a guide for quotes. C. Use of Allotment West Beckham The Bulletin had requested people to volunteer ideas for the allotment and 1 was forthcoming – grazing land. KL provided a discussion ‘map’. It was therefore discussed in more detail as a mixed use piece of land with Felbeck trust using ‘half’ for wildflower meadow, ‘grazing under contract for annual rental’ the other half. A tree belt planted to the north of the field along/around the old tip location could be used to demarcate the ex Tip boundaries and provide more habitat. D. Village Sign West Beckham The Village sign people had been in contact and suggested a date to meet up in July. KL to arrange meeting date (if possible prior to the PC meeting) to ensure artwork colours are as expected. E. Emergency Help network Unfortunately no-one had come forward as volunteers to join a local emergency network. JD had spoken with Foxley Village who came under a different Ambulance service area and as such they were using the VETS system provided by this ambulance area. F. Expenditure Ongoing JD had estimated a reserve fund of approximately £5,000 for maintaining the various projects. It was also suggested double the figure of £10,000 had been suggested at the last meeting or more if we have not reasonable projects to spend out on. A new Glasdon bench was suggested for opposite the West Beckham Bus stop for school children (or whoever) when waiting for the bus in summer months. JS advised the Village Sign in East Beckham is currently being repainted. G. Village Clean Up A grateful thanks to Ardna and her husband for the cleaning work on the Village Gates. JD and KL to tackle the gates by the Church with ‘Wet and Forget’ product. The vegetation had been cut back. H. Bulletin next issue (summer) KL to compile a new Bulletin issue to go out after the horticultural show (27th July) so that the winners could be highlighted like last year. Village Sign colouring and design Village Pump installation Ancestry enquiry – KL to contact the American lady for her appeal for relatives. New leaseholders for the Wheatsheaf Pub have arrived. Danielle and Steven Moorby had resigned due to Stevens continuing ill health. JD advised a story regards the Wellington Bomber flown by Canadian airforce men ex Marham, that crashed landed into West Beckham fields during WW11. This could be investigated and included? RAF West Beckham bunkers and childhood memories from Tracy Toyne where also mentioned. 4. AOB None 5. Next Meeting dates at 7PM at Julia Dovey’s Home Tuesday 13th August Meeting closed at 9.05pm Cllr Kathryn Lord (Secretary E&WB Solar Community Fund Committee) / 07711070417 2 Hall Farm Cottages, Church Road, West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6NX

9th April SCFC minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Tuesday 9th April 2019 VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham) Opened meeting 7:05PM Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, Andrew Clarke (ACl), Lynne Clarke, Ardna Curran (ACu), Rosabelle Batt, David Barrass, David McNeight, John Stibbons 1. Apologies: Simon and Lorraine Wakeford 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (Feb 2019) Any matters arising: WB Village Sign order confirmation had been signed by RMNW/KL and returned to the company. The next step will be for the coloured artwork to be produced but after a face to face meeting with VSP and when they are nearer to our order. This may or may not be in 2019 as there are several prior orders before ours. The Parish Council donated £100 to the Felbeck Trust. The Norfolk Swift Response was put onto the Beckham website. 3. Projects Update A. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments DM advised the roof had been raised in a structure and the next step will be to move the bulk liquid containers into place with guttering channeling the water. Thanks to David MCNeight and David Barrass. It was advised Norfolk will be getting drier (water aquifers) as global warming hits. B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotment DB advised the quote from Withams was reasonable at £900 for the track and £900 for the carpark but this is using Tarmac chipping. DB is also expecting a further quote from Nigel Roe of Church Road, but they are still discussing and costing the best options to chippings the job. Drainage alongside the track and a sump collect the runoff – to pump water back to the water station is something to consider/cost. It is very difficult to get a like for like quotation as each contractor has come up with a different idea. When quotes are in the Parish Council (in May hopefully) will need to discuss the best way forward. It was felt the longer term solution would be worth it, as cheaper options would not necessarily last as proved by the previous treatment of the track. C. Use Allotment West Beckham JD advised she was waiting for the Felbeck Trust to come back with a proposal regards the field. (Received and circulated after the meeting) A pond is being suggested and this was seen to be a positive option by the committee, also requested some Child friendly play area or interaction. JD to discuss with TW at the Felbeck Trust. KL to include in the Bulletin – Residents to suggest or respond to the idea of a wildflower meadow to be managed by the Felbeck Trust.The benefit to the Parish ongoing would be the Felbeck Trust funds the upkeep of the land and have their experts/volunteers to ‘make it happen’. D. Emergency Help network ACu reported it was not possible for East Anglian Ambulance Service to have a ‘VETS’ system due to technical reasons and could not risk failure of their Emergency systems. JD was going to be in discussion with a Parish Councillor in Foxley who had a network running to understand how they managed it. Foxley however is a bigger population than in the Beckhams. KL asked if we could combine with our villages e.g. High Kelling, Bodham etc but it was felt people would be too far away to work well. JD confirmed Norfolk Swift Response (a free County Council emergency care service) 24 hour help for those in need was highly recommend by an elderly neighbour. KL to put details into the Bulletin. E. Household Information Sheet This should be revisited on a need to basis rather than yearly. F. Beckham Palace JD advised she had not been able to confirm if the owners of the property where still there. RB to ask the postman if he knows or has seen the residents or supplied mail. G. Expenditure Ongoing JD had previously circulated forms as an aide memoire. Expenditure should be allocated into a reserve to keep the various projects already established maintained. (e.g. Defibrillators, play equipment, allotment track/carpark, noticeboards/mapboards, village signs, benches, Bulletin newsletter etc). Certain projects such as the allotment track were difficult to predict as they had not yet been completed or decided. Certain sums were discussed on specific areas and another possibility was to set aside 10% or 20% pa, or to decide at least £10,000 should be kept in reserve for the Parish. It is not necessary for the fund to be entirely spent every year over the next 5 years of Solar Fund contributions. A fund can be accrued lasting maybe 10-15 years or more? It was decided to contact contractor ‘Withams’ regards cutting of the allotment hedgerows on an annual basis (Need to do this now to set up for June?) DB/KL Extension to the allotment Water station at some point? Should another defibrillator be ordered for Sheringham road – if so, where would be an appropriate location with power? Would this be sensible if we have not got an emergency network established first? Could another bench could be purchased to put opposite the bus shelter in West Beckham for ‘good weather days’ so children can wait outside for the school bus? (Swap the Glasden bench for a cheaper wooden bench inside the bus shelter?) East Beckham Village sign was created by Roy Simpson who was the farm manager at Hall Farm. JS to ask RS how should the sign best be maintained – powder coating or painting. Website is currently approximately £60pa for hosting and registration of the domain name. DM to invoice PC as has been paid by DM personally, after the initial year of set up. H. Village Hall and Horticultural Show JD confirmed the PC had donated £100 for the printing of the schedules for the horticultural show. Last year was a very well attended show and it was thanks to the publicity created by the schedules plus invitation to both Beckham and Bodham residents. I. Village Pump The Village pump had been renovated by 2 local residents and is to be installed at the end of the Church. The PC had refunded the small cost involved. KL to include in the Bulletin. J. Village Clean Up A date was hard to find that all parties could attend in the next Read More …

24th February

Hello everyone Our next walk starts from Upper Sheringham where we will walk through the village into Sheringham Park then down to the coast via the Gazebo , into Sheringham and back up to the the cars via the Holt Road past the High School. Forecast looks good – shorts? Meet at the village sign at 11.30 to car share or follow as usual or outside the church in Upper Sheringham at 11.40. See you there Julia

5th February SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Tuesday 5th February 2019 VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham) Opened meeting 7:05PM Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, David Barrass, Andrew Clarke, Rosabelle Batt, David McNeight 1. Apologies: John Stibbons, Simon and Lorraine Wakeford, Lynne Clarke, Ardna Curran, 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (October 2018) Any matters arising: Previously JD presented a form with several subjects/items so that everyone could consider ON GOING costs and a contingency sum to be allocated from the Solar Community Fund. This will be reviewed at the next meeting as JS was not available at this meeting. Cherry trees at the Playground had been trimmed back, Picnic bench installed at West Beckham Green, Grit bin installed at the Church Corner. East Beckham Allotment – ploughed, but hedging needs dealing with and the bonfire with remains from tree clearance is not yet burnt. Fly tipping of green laurel has been added. 3. Projects Update A. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments DM showed a revised design/plan for the water catchment for 4 BLC (bulk liquid containers) which also showed a metal sheet roof. This came to under £500 that had been agreed by the PC. It was agreed this should go ahead asap – team of volunteers to be booked for a suitable date to start DM, DB, NR, PB, TA). KL advised a middle plot, east side, (no 21) had been allocated. B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotments DB had advised the 2 new contractors quotes are due to visit next week. One is regularly building farm tracks. A previous contractor had withdrawn. RB advised hardcore could be made available from Gresham Gravel at a competitive rate. KL asked would this work include the allotment/village carpark surface? C. Allotment West Beckham – use? JD advised the field (and docks) had been cut after the last meeting. Trevor Williams from the Felbeck Trust had visited the site with JD, KL & LW in December. Dog walking secure enclosure would be highly sought after by some villagers but also by the wider community but it was felt a carpark would be needed and regular extra traffic down allotment lane would be a detrimental ‘attraction’. TW suggested a wild flower meadow (especially of this size) would be of great naturalist interest due to scarcity in Norfolk (and nationally). It is very likely that money grants and volunteers to help maintain the land would then be forthcoming. A ‘ghost pond’ had also been identified by LW/TW which could be reinstated close to the hedge/track. This would therefore be ‘self funding’ going forward? Tree planting was also discussed which could enhance the natural surrounding. This should be discussed at the next PC meeting as FT would need to have a similar 10 year lease. KL also suggested a piece in the Bulletin for the residents to respond to. D. Felbeck Trust (existing plots East Beckham Common and West Beckham Green) The Trust had already completed installation of the bird boxes in West Beckham Green. Clearance of bracken is expected. East Beckham a bench had already been installed and a picnic bench will be built and installed. JD suggested a small donation to the Trust (£100) would pay for the wood to build this. This was agreed. RB to advise regards the piece of land at the top entrance of the Common. Should this be included in the work by the Felbeck trust? JD required information prior to Felbeck Trust visit on 12th March when NWT are to conduct a wildlife survey. E. WB Village Sign KL advised VSP had sent an order confirmation sheet (order initiated 25th May 2018) which needs to be signed by the PC. The cost of the Sign (2 sided design) was £5675. Cllrs Batt and Barrass agreed the design. This was including delivery but not installation. It was agreed a face to face meeting would be held in Suffolk with the VSP prior to the coloured artwork being completed. KL to get RMW to sign the document. F. Village Hall and Horticultural Show JD was on both these committees. The last horticultural show was the best, most well attended show. It was felt this was due to the increase publicity (schedules printed and distributed to the Beckham, as well as Bodham, plus included in the Bulletin). It was agreed the £100 would be given to the Horticultural Show fund for printing the schedule/posters again this year (as last year). Children’s workshops will also be held the week prior to the show. Horticultural Show date 26th July. There is also a resident of West Beckham who had joined the Village Hall Committee. She remembers times when there was a carnival queen in West Beckham – JD advised she has photos etc. Good for the website. G. Emergency Help network AC could not attend the meeting however she reported the ‘VETS’ system is still under discussion for East Anglian Ambulance Service. Maybe by next meeting we will have more answers. JD also presented details of the Norfolk Swift Response (a County Council service) for 24 hour help to those in need – if you know of anyone vulnerable people who may benefit let them know. It was agreed to put a copy on each Notice Board and put detail on Website. H. Household Information Sheet The new Household information sheet had been reissued and sent out with the New Year Bulletin. It was well received although one resident had contacted JD to comment the sign for the Wheatsheaf Pub was not clear. – they are also the village shop and hub which was not included. I. Bulletin Content for Spring: Village Social History – continue response from resident who is checking the WW1 Book published by Sheringham Town Council as it has mention of a Lad from West Beckham. JD also suggested the war memorial names could be researched. This could be made available at the Church & on the website. Village Sign? Water Harvesting? Allotment Track? VETS emergency network – update? & Norfolk Swift Response. Wheatsheaf Pub – village shop/hub/opening hours/accommodation? Elections – in May – new voting location – Village Hall no longer the Wheatsheaf – (due to costs and disabled accessibility). Fly Tipping – environmental Contacts 4. AOB Open Read More …