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15th February SCFC Minutes

Held at Julia Dovey’s Home Present: Julia Dovey (Chair) Kathryn Lord (Secretary), David McNeight, John Stibbons, David Barrass, Ardna Curran The Meeting opened at 7:00pm 1. Apologies Rosabelle Batt Simon & Lorraine Wakeford 2. The minutes 7th December 2017 were agreed as fair reflection of the meeting. JS reported investigation into the ‘Aldborough Community Bus’ for hire found the service was no longer available due to cuts and had been given details for the Dial a Ride service. Christmas Bus – need feedback usage relating to 2nd trip on 16th Dec. 6 people made use of the first trip on the 9th December. First Choice to be contacted. Possible ’specials’ to be run in future? (Newsletter inclusion) 3. Projects ALLOTMENT TRACK – DB reported quote breakdowns on track/apron approx £6,000 and carpark approx £3,500. As SCFC do not have sufficient money for this project contractors would need to be advised this would be more likely at the end of this year and further investigation can take place in the meantime. Rain harvesting/drainage was discussed. It was noted the track is deteriorating and possibly impassable to normal cars due to deep rutting. As the carpark was to alleviate the parking issues in East Beckham this does need attention. Rain water harvesting at EB allotment – JD had found a company (Maydencroft from Hertfordshire) who had designed a shelter with 2500ltr tanks to collect rain water. DMc said he would cost something similar, possible to use old food containers with metal cages. The old bench to be disposed of as rotten. The Plaque for Bob and Ivy to be fitted to the new bench which has been placed on Allotment 2 for the time being KL/DMc. The bench should be anchored for security. Are the fittings that came with the benches still available? VILLAGE SIGN – it was decided at the Parish Council that the West Beckham Sign design should remain as before however modelling/painting to be improved. There is a photo of the sign in existence from1984. JD is asking for quotes. DEFIBRILLATORS – They are both installed, but have not yet been ‘commissioned’ by the Ambulance service to officially be listed available. JS advised a meeting would need to be held for the Community, which would be advertised in The Bulletin. As we have 2 defibrillators JS to investigate if 2 meetings can be arranged and advise KL for inclusion in the Bulletin. This will ensure more coverage if we are able to offer 2 dates. Suggestion: Thursday Evening, 2nd or 3rd week in April? GREEN SPACES – JD advised the Felbeck Trust had worked on the Sustead Common land and it was impressive conservation work. They have provided a hide, fencing, tree and meadow cutting, and initiated paths. Bird, flowers, fungi and tree monitoring in the area too. It is now used by local school groups and people are encouraged to visit. The Felbeck Trust will need to have a commitment from the Parish Council for 10 years. They are a charitable volunteering group but contributions are very welcome. It was felt this was a very good initiative and would be recommend to the PC to accept a Contractor work to commence. The TCV have now completed all work mentioned in their 5 year plan, so a good time to hand over to the Felbeck Trust who would look to start any work autumn 2018. Picnic Bench is still to be located. WEBSITE – Allotment Fees to increase in 2019-2020 when new contracts will be sent out incorporating Data Protection statements. Village notice boards to have the website name added KL/DM. DMc to create a login for JD so West Beckham Walkers can post directly onto the website. The Village Stroll about the Beckham’s leaflet has been added to the website and is printable. JD advised she had spoken to a couple of people who would be possible to record memories of the area from childhood etc. BUS SERVICE – regular service is Monday Wednesday and Thursday (to Sheringham and Holt). The Coastal Hopper service is being looked at by Saunders Coaches. VILLAGE WALK LEAFLET – A reprint at Chevertons x 200 to replenish the Bus Stop and holiday lets etc. ROAD SAFETY – A Mirror at the cross road of Long Lane X Church Road (The Street) was discussed again and what a dangerous junction it is. Various options had been tried with Highways to no avail. It will be voted on at the next PC and AC suggested a contribution to cost may also be possible. JS advised a VAS (Vehicle Activated Sign) is being purchased via High Kelling PC/Highways. This might be possible to join in with their Village for a contribution? VILLAGE CLEAN UP – Litter pickers and grip bags could be provided (JD advised the £ shop in Sheringham have some at present) Advertise the date in Bulletin for 10AM Village Sign 28th April for volunteers. THE BULLETIN – Content to include: Defibrillators Meeting Dates. Daffodils in bloom by V.Gates/Cemetery. Feedback on Buses. Village CLEAN UP date Plan to improve allotment track fees to increase to £20 per plot in 2019-2020 KL advised a quote for the Bulletin had recently been counter costed at another printer/supplier but this was more expensive than Chevertons. The convenience of Chevertons was very useful, especially quick turn rounds when needed. 4. AOB. 5. Next meeting date Thursday 12th April Meeting ended 8.45PM

15th February Agenda SCFC

DATE: Thursday 15th February 2018 VENUE: The White House (Julia’s home) Church Road/The Street, West Beckham TIME: 7:00PM – 8:30PM 1. Apologies. Simon and Lorraine Wakeford 2. Agree minutes of last meeting (October 2017) 3. Projects East Beckham allotment track, clearance of trees, ploughing, car park, bench installation. Village sign design and renewal Defibrillators – installed, what next? Green spaces – New arrangement with Felbeck Trust? Benches and Picnic Table installation status (EB Common, Allotment, WB Churchyard, Village Green) Bulletin next issue Spring – content Website – history from outside Contributor, any other items? Bus Service – any feedback? Parish Walk – reprint? Road safety – mirrors or other signage? Village Clean up – litter, wash signage etc 4. AOB 5. Next meeting dates

7th December Minutes SCFC

Held at Julia Dovey’s Home Present: Julia Dovey (Chair) Kathryn Lord (Secretary), Lorraine Marks, Simon Wakeford, David McNeight, John Stibbons, Lynne Barrass The Meeting opened at 7:00pm 1. Apologies from Rosabelle Batt. 2. The minutes 12 Oct 2017 were agreed as fair reflection of the meeting. 3. Spending. A spreadsheet showing out-goings had been created, ordered by ‘spending type’ with a balance of fund available. This is useful to track our spending. 4. Original Summary Results of the Questionnaire This document was reviewed for items missed/completed or for further follow up. 1. A bench for the Graveyard has been offered to the PPC instead of the East Beckham location at Valley Farm Corner (where there are already 2 benches). Fr Phil would like to review the Graveyard for the best position. JD to discuss with HT regarding this installation. The Graveyard Entrance had been planted with daffodil bulbs. The Graveyard had been surveyed/reported during the summer by NWT and many wild plants have been noted.(Harebells, Scabious, cowslips and primroses could be planted on the bank or may appear naturally) A sign for the Graveyard would be very helpful (KL asked PPC if they would consider a ‘matching’ sign to the Church from their budget) A information board with a plan may could also be investigated by the SCFC. 2. The Bench at the Allotment (East) needs to be installed on a concrete or slab base. Who will install? Allotment track needs to be quoted separately to the carpark. DB has offered to follow up with contractors. A water recycling pump could be investigated at the same time to allow water to be collected in a tank/bowser? Extraction from the stream (20 m3) could be a way to get water to the allotment via mole under the road and a solar pump to bring water into a sump? A local contractor Wells Irrigation could be contacted. 3. Defibrillators – delivery is due in December. JD to investigate electrical installers and for both locations. 4. Broadband (and Mobile signals) have become worse and intermittent. KL to contact the wireless provider and investigate if a mast? (signal) could be arranged for East Beckham? 5. Revisit Safety mirrors 1x by Long Lane exit and attach on the Chestnut Tree Farm Barn. 1x Allotment Lane exit in hedgerow opposite. 6. Dog Waste Bin A single dog bin maintenance is £390 inc VAT for Gresham Village – being emptied every 3 weeks. 7. Traffic Calming Slow You Down signs. KL advised the company who produce them are East Coast Casting Co Ltd in Watton and cost £140+VAT each. Mobile VAS – this requires 4 site locations and has to be moved every 4 weeks – may not be practical? 8. Conservation TCV and other organisations – Woodland Conversation Felbeck Trust are Norfolk based and should be reviewed. Other points Christmas Bus Service extending into other trips? JS advised that the Aldborough Community Bus maybe something to look at as a local vehicle to hire? JS to investigate and report. Parish Walk pamphlet. These had been used and a reprint would be sensible for the coming season. Meetings – Thursdays at 7pm seemed to be acceptable to most, although PC meetings (previously to SCFC set up) had been on Mondays in the small committee room rather than the main hall. NEXT SCFC MEETINGS BOOKED as follows: Thursday 8th February, 12th April, 14th Jun Meeting ended and grateful thanks went to Julia Dovey (and Norman) for providing the venue, tea and wonderful cakes to accompany our meeting.

21st September Minutes SCFC

Held at The Bodham and Beckham Village Hall Present: Julia Dovey (Chair) Kathryn Lord (Secretary), Lorraine Marks, Rosabelle Batt The Meeting opened at 7:05pm 1. Apologies from John Stibbons, Simon Wakeford, David McNeight. 2. The Committee would like to express their sincere appreciation to Anthea Sweeney for contributions made to the SCFC and Parish Council on hearing of her recent resignation. The committee are very sad to see her go. 3. The minutes 27th July 2017 were agreed as fair reflection of the meeting 4. Ongoing Projects were reviewed The latest Bulletin issue & Parish Walk Leaflet had been appreciated and comments had been made by several Parishioners. The Parish Website had received a response the last minutes from a new resident of West Beckham. A request for a sketch map to locate places in the Beckham’s would be helpful. (Perhaps this could incorporate the Village ‘assets’).Gresham Village have produced something that we could review. It was noted that internet access was still a problem especially in East beckham.We also have a Parishioner who is working on an illustrated Walk Leaflet and this could be expanded. Community Bus Service for Saturday Market Day had been investigated by Rosabelle Batt. The Community Bus Service based in North Walsham had advised they could not run a Saturday service. RB had contacted a number of local coach and transport services. First Choice offered 2 pick ups (East and West Beckham) and delivery to Holt or Sheringham with a drop back after 2 hours for £90.  It was felt it would be a good idea to test this service and local response by organising a Christmas Shopping service in December (dates 9th and 16th December) This would be advertised in the next Bulletin (Autumn) Playdale installation of the Basket swing and City Swinger at West Beckham Playground had been completed. There had been interest by local children and visitors alike. No responses had been made regards volunteers or suggestions for further equipment. It was felt we should godhead and buy ‘hand and foot holds’ to transform the ‘basket wall’. Noted the gate post at the entrance was rotted through and unstable. Road Safety – Village Gates had not yet arrived. Bulbs x 5 varieties have been donated by RMNW. It was agreed a variety for each gate would work well. Mirrors were reviewed again from memory KL advised these cost approximately £220 each. JD had asked JMNW if a mirror could be attached to their barn opposite the dangerous Long Lane exit. There had been no objections but RMNW should also be asked. Opposite Allotment Lane, which is a dangerous blind exit, the hedgerow opposite would be land owned by the Batts. RB to review if this would be possible to install. Defibrillators. Problems had occurred in East Beckham as the site thought agreed was now in doubt. JS to investigate. Was a Solar Panel possible to power Defibrillators, if so this would be easier to locate. It was discussed central East Beckham (i.e. by the Vegetable Packing Business) would be a good location to accommodate workers, residents, and members of the syndicate shoot. Neighbourhood Plans. This had been investigated further and the Core Strategy plans produced by planning felt served our needs regards the countryside area in which we live. “Briefly, the adopted Core Strategy determines that the majority of new commercial and residential development will be directed to the “Principal Settlements” of Cromer, Fakenham, Holt and North Walsham; there will be more limited development opportunities in the “Secondary Settlements” of Hoveton, Sheringham, Stalham and Wells-next-the-Sea; a small amount of new development will be focussed on a number of designated “Service Villages” and “Coastal Service Villages” in order to support rural sustainability; in the rest of the District, known as the “Countryside Area”, development will be restricted to particular types of development such as that to support the rural economy, meet affordable housing needs and to provide renewable energy” EB Allotment. JD had discussed with 2 contractors quotes regards the allotment track. A third contractor needed to be found for quoting, – one within the parish? KL to ask at Number 1, Hall Farm Cottages and RB to supply a contractor to contact. A rent increase is likely from the 2019-20 season. This will be discussed at the next Parish Council. West Beckham Allotment ground. The document HELAA produced by Planning showing potential land development across the county was discussed and it showed the allotment in West Beckham had been excluded. No further suggestions took place about the use. WB Village Sign – what to do on refurb or renew? A third quote (for refurbishment) had been received at £1,700 but would be on site as no workshop available.  An inspection of the V Sign will be made Saturday 30th September at 10am by JD, RB, LM and anyone else who could attend. Bodham and Beckham Village Hall disabled toilet. This was being paid for by the Solar Fund money and the work for the toilet is scheduled for November. Cemetery entrance works. The work is on schedule to start on 16th October by Thompson Warner Builders. Green spaces. Further ground clearing to maintain the work already done by TCV’s is to be scheduled and an estimate of cost for the 5 year management plan. JD had investigated Free Trees supplied through the Woodland Trust with ‘rabbit guards’  It was suggested planting in early Spring and next meeting to discuss varieties for the locations. 5. AOB – The Future of the SCFC. Meeting regularity and suggestions with regard the dwindling number of SCFC members were discussed. Currently 3 Solar Fund Committee Members were now Cllrs of the Parish Council so would it make sense to combine the ‘sub committee’ into the Parish Council to save on duplication of effort? Parish Council meetings only sit every other month rather than monthly and this would lose momentum to get things achieved. A compromise suggestion was to continue with SCFC meetings monthly, but 1/2 hour prior to a Parish Council meeting followed by a ‘full meeting’ the month ‘in between’. KL advised a new resident had expressed an interest in being involved but with young children, evenings may not be suitable? 6. Date of next meetings October 12th November 23rd Meeting closed at 9PM

21st September Agenda SCFC

DATE: THURSDAY 21st September 2017 VENUE: The Bodham and Beckham Village Hall TIME: 7:00PM – 8:30PM 1. Apologies 2. Thanks to Anthea Sweeney 3. Agree minutes of last meeting (July 2017) 4. Ongoing Projects & reviewing our priorities Bulletin & Parish Walk Leaflet – any responses? Parish Website – update and development, comments Community Bus Service for Saturday Market Day – Rosabelle Batt to report progress Playdale installation at West Beckham Playground completed – what next? Road Safety – Village Gates and new signage, mirrors Defibrillators – update Neighbourhood Plans EB Allotment – quotes for entrance track needed, review of vacant plots West Beckham Allotment ground – seeded, what next – do we need to have a clean up? WB Village Sign – what to do on refurb or renew? Bodham and Beckham Village Hall disabled toilet Cemetery entrance works Green spaces – what next? 5. AOB 6. Date of next meetings October 12th November 23rd

27th July 2017 Minutes SCFC

Held at The Bodham and Beckham Village Hall Present: Julia Dovey (Chair) Kathryn Lord (Secretary), David McNeight, Anthea Sweeney, Lorraine Marks The Meeting opened at 7:10pm 1. Apologies Simon Wakeford Rosabelle Batt – on holiday Mike Baker 2. Review Minutes of last meeting It was agreed the previous minutes were a fair reflection of the meeting. 3. Review July 2017 Audit written by Julia Dovey  (& additional items added at SCFC Meeting) General comments were made how much HAS been achieved when listed out and all of a sudden projects were coming to fruition. Other comments had been made by Mike Knowles (District Councillor) and Sarah Butikofer (County Councillor) regards their interest in the achievements of the Parish Council with the Solar Fund money. So following is a mix of the Audit report and items discussed at the meeting. Where we are so far  Getting around  – transport and road safety improvements made to the Lodge Hill junction on the A148 village ‘gates’ ordered and due to be installed soon parish maps to show location by each of the three parish noticeboards enquiries made into possibility of running a Saturday Market bus to Sheringham – results of questionnaire have been analysed and possibilities being explored (RB to report) What next? Further village gates or speed calming options such as formal illuminated speed signs or informal such as ‘Slow you down’  Mirrors for Allotment Lane and Long Lane Footpath network and cycleways new fingerposts where East Beckham footpaths 1 and 2 leave the road yellow waymarkers supplied for the paths – are they installed? (JD to follow up with RB) Licence obtained for the use of Ordnance Survey maps where needed for the parish village walk ‘A Stroll around the Beckhams’ devised, tested and published. Working towards identifying any public rights of way which may need to be claimed by 2026 What next? Could we promote cycling (family friendly & also speedier?) with some routes published as the walk above? (Ask Norman Dovey to suggest options) Trod for school children and others walking along both Sheringham Road and Church Road. Parish Walk Leaflet to be distributed via The Bulletin, next issue asap – KL to produce Bulletin for issue asap Health and safety purchase and installation of defibrillators in East and West Beckham food growing moved from the West Beckham allotments to East Beckham allotments because of possible contamination from buried waste tip – (‘duty of care’ obligation by the parish) step installed to improve access to the post box outside Chestnut Farm trees overhanging the paths in East Beckham Common and West Beckham Green inspected and remedial work carried out. Trees to be inspected every other year in future -(‘duty of care’ as above) the large chestnut tree on the verge outside Chestnut Farm to be inspected by NCC Highways because of recent bough drop. Parish noticeboard to be removed to bus shelter because of the high bank What next? Village infrastructure Roll of Honour of those who served in World War 1 has been renewed and installed step installed to improve access to the post box outside Chestnut Farm bus shelter has been refurbished with new noticeboards and a new seat to become a village Information Centre the village sign is in need of a few minor repairs and a re-paint. (Quote from Fiona Davies £1250 +£160, aluminium newly created by Village Sign People £2500, await additional quote) Cemetery Entrance to be improved to accommodate modern vehicles. Quote accepted and work to begin soon. (October date given for commencement) Playground is now regularly mown. New equipment has been ordered and will be installed in September.  This equipment is all regularly inspected for safety by RoSPA disused telephone box will house the defibrillator in West Beckham, and the Barn wall opposite East Beckham Village Sign photos of the East and West Beckham signs to be displayed in the Bodham and Beckham Village Hall to match those of the Bodham sign. contribution made to the Bodham and Beckham Village Hall (subject to certain conditions) to help with the refurbishment of the disabled toilet provision. Social interaction with monthly lunches taking place at the Wheatsheaf pub, and a shop/Deli has recently opened 4 Benches purchased (2 x East Beckham and 2 West Beckham)  & 2 picnic tables also to be installed Removing the Double Parish Noticeboard in West Beckham and install at East Beckham.  Newly purchased Map boards x 3, ‘You are Here’ to be installed. (New Parish Notice Board, with magnets, to be purchased) What next? Old play equipment to be revitalised/refurbished New Parish Notice board for West Beckham to be purchased. Fix old East Beckham noticeboard in the bus shelter in West beckham Environment and bio-diversity the woodland areas belonging to the parish have been cleared of some of the invasive species such as bracken and bramble to allow a wider variety of wild flowers and plants to re-establish themselves and also to provide breeding habitat for the White Admiral butterfly.  A  5 year management plan for East and West Beckham has been established via TCV – JD sent SCFC the TCV management plan by email for review in September  bird and bat boxes have been ordered and will be installed at both sites  Environmental surveys are underway in the churchyard and cemetery to establish a base for future management to enhance their ability to support wild life in many forms. Nectar mix has been sown on the site of the West Beckham allotments – paths will be cut once the mix is established. We have had a request to join a pond survey – Norfolk has one of the largest number of ponds of any English county. Work is underway to look at the inclusion of the parishes into the Glaven and Bure valley projects with Natural England and the CPRE we have a resource – Norfolk Wildlife Trust Parish Wildlife Survey Kit – to allow anyone who is interested to look at any aspect of wildlife in the villages. Chestnut Farm Chestnut tree is sick and under investigation by NNDC highways. Bat Survey data via Norfolk and South Scotland Bat Survey – KL/DM What next? Forming a wildlife group? Are you interested in joining  – please let us know. Put up bat and bird boxes in other areas like the Cemetery and private gardens Purchase and install owl boxes Planting Read More …

22nd June 2017 Minutes SCFC

Held at The Bodham and Beckham Village Hall Present: Julia Dovey (Chair) Kathryn Lord (Secretary), John Stibbons, David McNeight, Anthea Sweeney The Meeting opened at 7:00pm 1. Apologies Simon Wakeford Lorraine Marks Rosabelle Batt 2. Review Minutes of last meeting It was agreed the previous minutes were a fair reflection of the meeting. 3 Project Matters discussed Parish Maps with cases are ready for collection from Norwich. KL to collect 5th July (JS advised milage can be charged at 45p/mile) JD to contact R Hudson and arrange putting up the 3 maps plus moving the Chestnut Farm Parish Noticeboard. Parish Walk Leaflet is with Chevertons and a draft is being created. It will be glossy paper and folded. A decision must be made regains the amount to be produced. 1 per household, plus others for holiday lets, pub, bus shelter (purchase a holder) etc. Bus Survey Responses from 3 households in East and 3 in West Beckham had been analysed. KL supplied a table and charts to show preferred options were Saturday weekly, pick up time 10am, duration before returning was 2hours.  It was felt others in the Parish also would use the bus service but had not responded. It was therefore agreed to investigate what the Community Bus Service could offer in response.  KL to ask if R Batt could follow this up. There may need to be more flexibility on times or regularity but the above could be used as a guide. Bus pick up locations were varied answers from individuals homes to Valley Corner or The Loke in East Beckham, to Bus Shelter, Sheringham Road or Olive’s Lay-by in West Beckham. Village Gates JS advised these have been paid for however we are not aware of the installation date as yet. It was noted that the area where gates were going had been cut recently. Play Area KL advised 2 quotes (Playdale and FLP) had been given so far and the 3rd will be surveying on 6th July (Sovereign). The quote for the 2 pieces of equipment from each of the suppliers, so far, were very similar in price. How to progress a climbing wall and possible new fencing? Benches, Picnic Tables and Noticeboard installations  JD to contact Geoff Place re using Stuart Thurtle (with trailer) and Richard Hudson to move/install the Picnic Table that is already in Robert McNeil-Wilsons Barn along with the 3 other benches. Additionally moving the Parish Noticeboard from under Chestnut Farm Tree. Action is required urgently re installations. DM/KL had advised a rough quote for DM making a General noticeboard for the bus shelter should be under £50. Green Spaces and TCV JD advised Thursday 20th July and Thursday 27th July are dates booked with TCV. A day visit to West Beckham Village Green to pull bracken and a day for East Beckham Common to clear and pull bracken. JD to talk to Anne Macombie re which would suit her best for East Beckham. Note: JD had walked the Green areas with pathways with a Tree Surgeon who does work with NNDC and he had advised where trees should be cleared of dead wood, an old oak topped out. He also expressed concerns about the Chestnut Tree outside Chestnut Farm – he would discuss with Simon Case at NNDC. It was noted that Steve White at Highways had been advised when touring the villages regarding Village Gates back in 2016, but nothing appears to have been actioned. This will be raised again at the Parish Council Meeting to write to the District Council and highlight safety concerns about the old tree. The 5 year Management Plan from TCV was still outstanding but the manager who is compiling the plan is currently unwell and undergoing treatment. Nature and Bird Boxes  These were now ordered and will be delivered to JD. Owl boxes are a consideration and the tree surgeon would be happy to site them high into trees. Defibrillators It was felt at the next Parish Council meeting the Committee members who are also Parish Councillors would propose, 2nd and vote on the purchase of these pieces of equipment. (Subject to authorisation on voting rights) JS to review the current quotes with suppliers. Village Sign Refurbishment  KL advised she had found a local artist (Fiona Davies) from East Runton who renovated village signs. JS/JD advised they also had another known contact who they would approach for a quote. Graveyard Entrance.  A quote had been offered by Neil Thompson for the PPC & SCFC for just under £5000 (+VAT) KL had a further quote from Bunting & Son that came in at £8641 + VAT The other builder Peter Marra had not come back with a quote as yet. Knowles and Wright to be contacted by KL for a quote. East Beckham Allotment Water provision (or lack of) was still an issue for some. The hedge had not been cut back at the entrance as promised back in spring. The driveway was getting more rutted. It needed to be dealt with. Weeds needed cutting. JS to contact Terry Abbs to cut before it seeds over all the allotments. 4. AOB   West Beckham Allotment has been seeded with a Nectar mix and next year it will be cut with paths. KL requested the Allotment land be paddock fenced with ‘sheep fencing’ therefore secure for animal grazing (for rental) and also for secure dog walking. A Tennis Court would also be a great village asset for all ages which we could investigate further. A ballpark cost of a greenfield installation ‘En Tout Cas’ all weather court or MUGA (Multi Use Games Area – e.g. tennis, 5 a side football, netball, hockey) would be from £30,000. This could be possible with further funding. Beckham and Bodham Village Hall Committee asked for a contribution for a refurbishment of the Disabled Toilet at the village. A quote of £3,367.00 was made by the company who had successfully refurbished the male/female toilets which felt to be reasonable and the request worthwhile. 9. Date of Next meeting at B&B Village Hall, 7PM – 8:30PM 27th July August would be a holiday resuming September Date TBA Meeting closed at 8:30pm

25th May 2017 Minutes SCFC

Held at The Bodham and Beckham Village Hall Present: Julia Dovey (Chair) Kathryn Lord (Secretary), Simon Wakeford, Lorraine Marks, The Meeting opened at 7:00pm 1. Apologies Rosabelle Batt John Stibbons David McNeight Anthea Sweeney 2. Review Minutes of last meeting It was agreed the previous minutes were a fair reflection of the meeting. 3 KL reported on of the Annual Parish Council Meeting. Responses were made at the SCFC noted in RED Robert McNeil Wilson made reference to the busy year and the achievements of the Committee. The ‘green spaces’ work by TCV in particular were seen to be a vast improvement to the village. Defibrillators Despite every effort by KL to ensure the defibrillators were purchased from the Solar Community Fund money immediately, there was a vote to wait a further couple of months to see if the Lottery Fund would supply additional funding. (JS advised the LF had not sent a letter out so the process had ground to a halt rather than been decided one way or another). The SCF Committee members were very upset, disillusioned at the lack of action and resignation was considered. Village Gates – RMNW agreed to supply daffodils to plant around the gates when fitted, and a formal request to be made of Stuart T regards ‘gardening’ these areas in future. GP to follow up. Play Area – A second quote was received from Fenland Leisure Products (FLP) but the Parish Council need a 3rd quote. We have in principal been given OK to spend £5502.00 + VAT as quoted by Playdale for 2 pieces of equipment (Basket Team Swing and Pole City Swinger) The current equipment should be refurbished (painted?), in particular the ball wall unit with the net, which has broken. This could be turned into a climbing wall and the ‘ball games’ aspect removed from the play area. KL to follow up with both companies and 1 more. Benches + Noticeboards A new bench has been installed into WB Village Green by GP. JS has purchased 1 x Picnic Bench from Glasdon and this was to be delivered immediately to RMNW Barn. This would enable us to judge the weight and any installation problems for East Beckham GP will install the bench in the Bus Shelter as the SCFC request to get paid outside help to install items around the village was not felt to be necessary. The non Parish Notice Board could be made simply as it did not need to have a closure or cover, given it is already under cover in the Shelter. (If under £100 no advanced spending approval is required). Moving the Parish Notice Board is still required and refurbishment & new Noticeboard to be costed by DM/KL Graveyard Entrance. A Quote had been offered by Neil Thompson for the PPC & SCFC for just under £5000 +VAT, however the request of a flint panel in brick pillars now needed to be investigated. 3 Quotes were also asked for by the Parish Council. Suggestions were made for local builders to try. KL to take further. At the SCF meeting it was agreed that JD, S&LW, KL should revisit the site with Neil Thompson and discuss what was needed or achieved before getting further quotes. Perhaps brick pillars are not the best option to give a tidy and cared for entrance with exit/safety at the forefront of the design? Green Spaces Spend for 3 further days work was agreed by the Parish Council. The Parish Council were very happy with the improvements so far. HO Representative from TCV had visited 22nd May and she would be raising a 5 year Management plan; including sourcing of trees via a charity and suitable wildflower etc. 4. Photos of East and West Beckham Village Signs SW and LM reported on the WB Village sign and it’s condition. It was found to be in worse condition than thought. It needs refurbishment now before it deteriorates further. KL to email JS to ask if he knows any companies who could attend to this kind of work. 5. Bird and Bat Boxes Julia had ordered, but need to discuss with JS to arrange payment. Owl box locations were to be suggested and included in the 5 Year Management plan (TCV) 6. Parish Walk Leaflet JD offered a draft of the Parish Walk leaflet for review. This would be worked on by Chevertons. 7. Bus Survey JD had received 5 responses and KL had received 1. A good response rate it was felt – 3 from West Beckham and 3 from East Beckham. KL to produce a spreadsheet of the results. 8. AOB Extension of the AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty) was discussed 9. Date of Next meeting at B&B Village Hall, 7PM – 8:30PM 22nd June 27th July August would be a holiday resuming September Date TBA (Days other than Thursdays were discussed – however bookings are always reserved/available for us on a Thursday due to Parish Meetings) Meeting closed at 9.00pm

27th April 2017 Minutes SCFC

Held at The Bodham and Beckham Village Hall Present: Julia Dovey (Chair) Kathryn Lord (Secretary) David McNeight, Simon Wakeford, Lorraine Marks, John Stibbons, and Anne McCombie (Resident of The Loke East Beckham) The Meeting opened at 7:10pm 1. Apologies Rosabelle Batt 2. Review Minutes of last meeting It was agreed the previous minutes were a fair reflection of the meeting. 3. Parish Map Noticeboard Project  A final design had been settled on with East and West Beckham Parish lightly coloured in green on the OS Land Ranger Map base. There are 3 options with ‘YOU ARE HERE’ arrows and both defibrillator sites. The frames will be aluminium and powder coated in bottle green colour. The maps will need to be installed on wooden posts at the locations or directly onto the Bus Stop in West Beckham.   4. Village Gates JS advised 50% will be paid for by Norfolk County Council. They will be coming out of the 2017/2018 budget.  The final details will be discussed with the Parish Council for the exact design/scheme and the Parish Council will own and maintain the gates in future. We hope they will be installed this summer.   5. WB Playing Area KL advised Playdale had quoted for: 1. Basket Swing at £2505 (plus grass lock matting at £1,035 or bonded rubber mulch at £1,170) 2. Pole Swing  – City Swinger – £1,647 (plus £180  glass lock wear mat) 3. Toddler Multi Slide Combo – option 1: £3,325 (plus Grasslock £1,170 or Rubber mulch £1,105) option 2: £4,054 (plus Grasslock £1,125 or Rubber mulch £1,170) option 3: £3,650 (plus Grasslock £1080 or rubber mulch £1,300) All prices are excluding VAT KL suggested counter costing the Basket swing elsewhere to see if there are better or more competitive options but pieces of equipment could be purchased/installed to update the existing equipment. Fenland Leisure Products had been contacted previously so would contact them again for an update. The current equipment should be refurbished (painted?), in particular the ball wall unit with the net, which has broken.  This could be turned into a climbing wall easily and the ‘ball games’ aspect removed from the play area might be sensible due to the limited space. 6. Bench installation & Noticeboard It was felt that despite volunteers promises of installation and this has not happened some local tradesmen should be contacted to ask for quotes for installation. Billy Borrett (Sheringham) or others could be investigated. (Post meeting note: The Village Green in West Beckham has had a bench installed !)   7. Green Spaces A visit from Head Office TCV representative would be made on 22nd May to write a 5 Year Management Plan to increase the biodiversity and improved the environment in the Green Spaces in the Parish (in particular The Common and Village Green).    TCV had advised 2 further days work at East Beckham Common were needed but this would not take place until the end of the summer due to nesting birds etc. Anne McCombie advised they had done a fantastic job so far and the blue bells had already started to arrive where clearance of bracken/bramble had taken place. She also reported that TCV had been very responsible and put out the fire to burn the debris when she had asked them to; due to risk of wind direction changes etc with an unattended fire.   LM advised she had been working with NWT in the Churchyard and Graveyard on surveying the areas. So far an amazing 49 species of wildflowers had been identified in the Churchyard and there will be monthly visits throughout the summer to see what else emerges.   8. Bat and Bird Boxes JD to order 60 wildlife boxes from on behalf of the Parish Council. Ron Cornell to be enlisted to co-ordinate the building of the wildlife boxes and advise best installation locations. 9. Picnic Benches  JS advised the picnic table for East Beckham could not be installed until after the end of the cropping season if access was by the fields. As a result JS had investigated a self assembly bench (a limited supply for recycled plastic options) could be built on site. Sizes – 1500mm:4 seater or 2000mm:6 seater approx, 75-90 kilos in weight. The flat packed option was not universally liked due to the likelihood of them coming apart/loose. Possibly leaving the site clear until after the summer might make sense; allowing the wildflowers to emerge. JS to see if Glasdon picnic benches could also be installed by them as well as supplied before ordering. 10. Defibrillators  JS advised no grant had been awarded. Purchase from Primary Care Supplies would be the preferred option – proposal will be made at the next Parish Council. A question whether a mobile phone would get a signal in East Beckham? Anne McCombie said she would check her providers signal at Manor Farm location. 11. Photos of East and West Beckham Village Signs SW and LM volunteered to clean the village sign in West Beckham before photos are taken. 12.  Bulletin Spring Issue  A draft was shown, including the survey flyer for the Community Bus and the Garden Bird Tick Sheet. KL to take to Printers for distribution asap. 13. Churchyard & Graveyard  The quotation for the Graveyard entrance had been discussed. It was felt a brick and flint design would be more in keeping with the Church building. KL to explore with Neil Thompson. 14. AOB None   15. Date of Next meeting at B&B Village Hall, 7PM – 8:30PM   25th May 22nd June 27th July August would be a holiday resuming September Date TBA Meeting closed at 8.40pm