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13th August SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Tuesday 13th August 2019 VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham) Opened meeting 7:00PM Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, John Stibbons, David Barrass, David McNeight, Rosabelle Batt, Lorraine Wakeford, Ardna Curran. 1. Apologies: Simon Wakeford, Tracy Toyne 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (June 2019) It was noted the PC had officially thanked the resident who had restored the East Beckham village sign and the post. His hard work was greatly appreciated by all. 3. Projects Update A. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments DM requested funds for 2 more tap adapters to install the final 2 bulk liquid containers. Funds would be approx £50. It was agreed this was worth while and the water tanks are being well used by the allotmenteers. B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotment RB had been in touch with Withams the local farm contractors. They are going to complete the resurfacing of the track/car park using road chipping and this will take 2 days approximately to complete. They are currently use with farm work but will get in touch with RB when they have a moment to work on the job. Hedges around the allotment could also be done by this contractor. We will ask when they start the job to schedule 2 times a year. It was noted that electrical cables had been removed and replaced recently with higher, stronger cables. On the allotment side of the road the cable appeared low and runs through the trees. Should this be reported – DM to measure the height. C. Use of Allotment West Beckham The Parish Council meeting held in July voted for the allotment to be incorporated into the Felbeck Trust agreement which would offer open access to all, simplicity of management and be 4 acres more of specific nature conservation. Attached to these minutes is the proposal from the Felbeck Trust (sorry this was not sent out with the agenda KL). It was agreed at the meeting a ’start up’ contribution to pay for regular cutting/baling of the field, plus installation of a secure shed ‘adaptation’ to benefit the FT. This will be proposed to the PC in September. In the meantime FT would go ahead and cut/bale the field to remove unwanted dock seed etc. D. Village Sign West Beckham The Village sign people JD and KL met up and the coloured artwork was agreed. This will come when it is possible for the Designer to start work (after some ‘welcome sign’ designs for another village which may be a couple of months). No fixed date has been indicated. It was thought ‘ 2020’ on our sign as a date of installation would be preferable. KL to advise VSP. E. Emergency Help Network There was a discussion to approach to District Councillor Piere Butikover and Norman Lamb MP but as the East of England Ambulance service are not about to adopt this system and have other issues it is unlikely to be successful. ACu advised she had already tried this course of action to no avail – no new ideas where forthcoming. F Cutting hedges + Clearance East Beckham allotment. RB to ask Withams Contractors to cut hedges when they come to do the Allotment Track. They should be cut twice per year? There needs to be clearance of the bonfire (old trees grubbed up previously from the hedge line + some fly tipping of laurel hedge). DB/DMcN to review and set light. Once this is cleared the ground could be cut and cleared at the empty plots. G. New Bench for Opposite the West Beckham Bus Stop JD to check with JMN-W if this land is theirs where the Bus Stop stand is situated. If so is it suitable to install a bench? It was thought a new Glasdon bench would be suitable for outside or buy a wooden (cheaper option) for the Bus Stop and move the Glasdon bench to outside. Could this bench be made a memorial or named. Original suggestions in the Village Questionnaire was to have Wrights Corner? H. Expenditure Ongoing A reserve fund of approximately £5,000 – £10,000 for maintaining the various projects. Another annual contribution is due in October from the Solar Array Company. The PC have also asked the Solar Array Company to carry on paying the PC for longer than the 10 years originally agreed. The Company are currently asking for an operational extension to the original 25 year to 40 years via planning. Another expenditure that could occur in future was a possible village shop being investigated by Bodham Parish Council. This was at a very early stage of investigation and Beckham PC have agreed to help distribute a Questionnaire to all villagers in the Parish along with the Bulletin. I. Village Clean Up JD and AC to investigate the cleaning of the Church Village Gates with ‘Wet and Forget’ product. J. Bulletin next issue (summer asap) KL to compile a new Bulletin issue to go out after the horticultural show (27th July) so that the winners could be highlighted like last year. Village Sign – black and white designs Village Pump installation Ancestry enquiry – copy had been sent from America and an extensive list of ‘Thomas Bird’ Descendants. (available by request) KL to advise the American lady that there had never been a St Mary’s Church in West Beckham – an error? JD had tried to contact M Digby without success regarding the Wellington Bomber. JS advised details were in the Gresham Village history but will not include in the Bulletin this time. Horticultural Show details and Film Club and QuizNight. Christmas Lunch date available. NHS 5 Year Health Plan. The consultation was too late to be distributed by the Bulletin. Shop at Bodham – questionnaire can be circulated separately but mentioned in this issue Bulletin. 4. AOB During the recent lightening storm various damages had occurred to property and phone lines in the village. It was noted Open Reach had been working on the lines and are due to return (it has been 3 weeks since the storm). The Defibrillators x2 are working as JS has tested them but the small power lights have gone out. DB is interested in pursuing the Broadband connection in Read More …

11th June SCFC Minutes 2019

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Tuesday 11th June 2019 VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham) Opened meeting 7:35PM Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, Andrew Clarke, Rosabelle Batt, David McNeight, Tracy Toyne, David Barrass (briefly) 1. Apologies: Simon and Lorraine Wakeford, Lynne Clarke, Frances Prokofiev 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (April 2019) 3. Projects Update A. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments DM advised the water capture was working apart from 1 slight leak on tank 3 which would need attending to. There was approximately 1500 litres so far. As there are 3 spare tanks left 1 would be moved to adjoin KL/DM allotment shed roof to capture water instead of wasting the overspill. B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotment DB advised no further quotes had been forthcoming. KL to have a word with neighbour. RB to discuss with contact at the Gresham Gravel. Suggestion was to decide a budget and work to this to give a guide for quotes. C. Use of Allotment West Beckham The Bulletin had requested people to volunteer ideas for the allotment and 1 was forthcoming – grazing land. KL provided a discussion ‘map’. It was therefore discussed in more detail as a mixed use piece of land with Felbeck trust using ‘half’ for wildflower meadow, ‘grazing under contract for annual rental’ the other half. A tree belt planted to the north of the field along/around the old tip location could be used to demarcate the ex Tip boundaries and provide more habitat. D. Village Sign West Beckham The Village sign people had been in contact and suggested a date to meet up in July. KL to arrange meeting date (if possible prior to the PC meeting) to ensure artwork colours are as expected. E. Emergency Help network Unfortunately no-one had come forward as volunteers to join a local emergency network. JD had spoken with Foxley Village who came under a different Ambulance service area and as such they were using the VETS system provided by this ambulance area. F. Expenditure Ongoing JD had estimated a reserve fund of approximately £5,000 for maintaining the various projects. It was also suggested double the figure of £10,000 had been suggested at the last meeting or more if we have not reasonable projects to spend out on. A new Glasdon bench was suggested for opposite the West Beckham Bus stop for school children (or whoever) when waiting for the bus in summer months. JS advised the Village Sign in East Beckham is currently being repainted. G. Village Clean Up A grateful thanks to Ardna and her husband for the cleaning work on the Village Gates. JD and KL to tackle the gates by the Church with ‘Wet and Forget’ product. The vegetation had been cut back. H. Bulletin next issue (summer) KL to compile a new Bulletin issue to go out after the horticultural show (27th July) so that the winners could be highlighted like last year. Village Sign colouring and design Village Pump installation Ancestry enquiry – KL to contact the American lady for her appeal for relatives. New leaseholders for the Wheatsheaf Pub have arrived. Danielle and Steven Moorby had resigned due to Stevens continuing ill health. JD advised a story regards the Wellington Bomber flown by Canadian airforce men ex Marham, that crashed landed into West Beckham fields during WW11. This could be investigated and included? RAF West Beckham bunkers and childhood memories from Tracy Toyne where also mentioned. 4. AOB None 5. Next Meeting dates at 7PM at Julia Dovey’s Home Tuesday 13th August Meeting closed at 9.05pm Cllr Kathryn Lord (Secretary E&WB Solar Community Fund Committee) / 07711070417 2 Hall Farm Cottages, Church Road, West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6NX

9th April SCFC minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Tuesday 9th April 2019 VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham) Opened meeting 7:05PM Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, Andrew Clarke (ACl), Lynne Clarke, Ardna Curran (ACu), Rosabelle Batt, David Barrass, David McNeight, John Stibbons 1. Apologies: Simon and Lorraine Wakeford 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (Feb 2019) Any matters arising: WB Village Sign order confirmation had been signed by RMNW/KL and returned to the company. The next step will be for the coloured artwork to be produced but after a face to face meeting with VSP and when they are nearer to our order. This may or may not be in 2019 as there are several prior orders before ours. The Parish Council donated £100 to the Felbeck Trust. The Norfolk Swift Response was put onto the Beckham website. 3. Projects Update A. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments DM advised the roof had been raised in a structure and the next step will be to move the bulk liquid containers into place with guttering channeling the water. Thanks to David MCNeight and David Barrass. It was advised Norfolk will be getting drier (water aquifers) as global warming hits. B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotment DB advised the quote from Withams was reasonable at £900 for the track and £900 for the carpark but this is using Tarmac chipping. DB is also expecting a further quote from Nigel Roe of Church Road, but they are still discussing and costing the best options to chippings the job. Drainage alongside the track and a sump collect the runoff – to pump water back to the water station is something to consider/cost. It is very difficult to get a like for like quotation as each contractor has come up with a different idea. When quotes are in the Parish Council (in May hopefully) will need to discuss the best way forward. It was felt the longer term solution would be worth it, as cheaper options would not necessarily last as proved by the previous treatment of the track. C. Use Allotment West Beckham JD advised she was waiting for the Felbeck Trust to come back with a proposal regards the field. (Received and circulated after the meeting) A pond is being suggested and this was seen to be a positive option by the committee, also requested some Child friendly play area or interaction. JD to discuss with TW at the Felbeck Trust. KL to include in the Bulletin – Residents to suggest or respond to the idea of a wildflower meadow to be managed by the Felbeck Trust.The benefit to the Parish ongoing would be the Felbeck Trust funds the upkeep of the land and have their experts/volunteers to ‘make it happen’. D. Emergency Help network ACu reported it was not possible for East Anglian Ambulance Service to have a ‘VETS’ system due to technical reasons and could not risk failure of their Emergency systems. JD was going to be in discussion with a Parish Councillor in Foxley who had a network running to understand how they managed it. Foxley however is a bigger population than in the Beckhams. KL asked if we could combine with our villages e.g. High Kelling, Bodham etc but it was felt people would be too far away to work well. JD confirmed Norfolk Swift Response (a free County Council emergency care service) 24 hour help for those in need was highly recommend by an elderly neighbour. KL to put details into the Bulletin. E. Household Information Sheet This should be revisited on a need to basis rather than yearly. F. Beckham Palace JD advised she had not been able to confirm if the owners of the property where still there. RB to ask the postman if he knows or has seen the residents or supplied mail. G. Expenditure Ongoing JD had previously circulated forms as an aide memoire. Expenditure should be allocated into a reserve to keep the various projects already established maintained. (e.g. Defibrillators, play equipment, allotment track/carpark, noticeboards/mapboards, village signs, benches, Bulletin newsletter etc). Certain projects such as the allotment track were difficult to predict as they had not yet been completed or decided. Certain sums were discussed on specific areas and another possibility was to set aside 10% or 20% pa, or to decide at least £10,000 should be kept in reserve for the Parish. It is not necessary for the fund to be entirely spent every year over the next 5 years of Solar Fund contributions. A fund can be accrued lasting maybe 10-15 years or more? It was decided to contact contractor ‘Withams’ regards cutting of the allotment hedgerows on an annual basis (Need to do this now to set up for June?) DB/KL Extension to the allotment Water station at some point? Should another defibrillator be ordered for Sheringham road – if so, where would be an appropriate location with power? Would this be sensible if we have not got an emergency network established first? Could another bench could be purchased to put opposite the bus shelter in West Beckham for ‘good weather days’ so children can wait outside for the school bus? (Swap the Glasden bench for a cheaper wooden bench inside the bus shelter?) East Beckham Village sign was created by Roy Simpson who was the farm manager at Hall Farm. JS to ask RS how should the sign best be maintained – powder coating or painting. Website is currently approximately £60pa for hosting and registration of the domain name. DM to invoice PC as has been paid by DM personally, after the initial year of set up. H. Village Hall and Horticultural Show JD confirmed the PC had donated £100 for the printing of the schedules for the horticultural show. Last year was a very well attended show and it was thanks to the publicity created by the schedules plus invitation to both Beckham and Bodham residents. I. Village Pump The Village pump had been renovated by 2 local residents and is to be installed at the end of the Church. The PC had refunded the small cost involved. KL to include in the Bulletin. J. Village Clean Up A date was hard to find that all parties could attend in the next Read More …

24th February

Hello everyone Our next walk starts from Upper Sheringham where we will walk through the village into Sheringham Park then down to the coast via the Gazebo , into Sheringham and back up to the the cars via the Holt Road past the High School. Forecast looks good – shorts? Meet at the village sign at 11.30 to car share or follow as usual or outside the church in Upper Sheringham at 11.40. See you there Julia

5th February SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Tuesday 5th February 2019 VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham) Opened meeting 7:05PM Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, David Barrass, Andrew Clarke, Rosabelle Batt, David McNeight 1. Apologies: John Stibbons, Simon and Lorraine Wakeford, Lynne Clarke, Ardna Curran, 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (October 2018) Any matters arising: Previously JD presented a form with several subjects/items so that everyone could consider ON GOING costs and a contingency sum to be allocated from the Solar Community Fund. This will be reviewed at the next meeting as JS was not available at this meeting. Cherry trees at the Playground had been trimmed back, Picnic bench installed at West Beckham Green, Grit bin installed at the Church Corner. East Beckham Allotment – ploughed, but hedging needs dealing with and the bonfire with remains from tree clearance is not yet burnt. Fly tipping of green laurel has been added. 3. Projects Update A. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments DM showed a revised design/plan for the water catchment for 4 BLC (bulk liquid containers) which also showed a metal sheet roof. This came to under £500 that had been agreed by the PC. It was agreed this should go ahead asap – team of volunteers to be booked for a suitable date to start DM, DB, NR, PB, TA). KL advised a middle plot, east side, (no 21) had been allocated. B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotments DB had advised the 2 new contractors quotes are due to visit next week. One is regularly building farm tracks. A previous contractor had withdrawn. RB advised hardcore could be made available from Gresham Gravel at a competitive rate. KL asked would this work include the allotment/village carpark surface? C. Allotment West Beckham – use? JD advised the field (and docks) had been cut after the last meeting. Trevor Williams from the Felbeck Trust had visited the site with JD, KL & LW in December. Dog walking secure enclosure would be highly sought after by some villagers but also by the wider community but it was felt a carpark would be needed and regular extra traffic down allotment lane would be a detrimental ‘attraction’. TW suggested a wild flower meadow (especially of this size) would be of great naturalist interest due to scarcity in Norfolk (and nationally). It is very likely that money grants and volunteers to help maintain the land would then be forthcoming. A ‘ghost pond’ had also been identified by LW/TW which could be reinstated close to the hedge/track. This would therefore be ‘self funding’ going forward? Tree planting was also discussed which could enhance the natural surrounding. This should be discussed at the next PC meeting as FT would need to have a similar 10 year lease. KL also suggested a piece in the Bulletin for the residents to respond to. D. Felbeck Trust (existing plots East Beckham Common and West Beckham Green) The Trust had already completed installation of the bird boxes in West Beckham Green. Clearance of bracken is expected. East Beckham a bench had already been installed and a picnic bench will be built and installed. JD suggested a small donation to the Trust (£100) would pay for the wood to build this. This was agreed. RB to advise regards the piece of land at the top entrance of the Common. Should this be included in the work by the Felbeck trust? JD required information prior to Felbeck Trust visit on 12th March when NWT are to conduct a wildlife survey. E. WB Village Sign KL advised VSP had sent an order confirmation sheet (order initiated 25th May 2018) which needs to be signed by the PC. The cost of the Sign (2 sided design) was £5675. Cllrs Batt and Barrass agreed the design. This was including delivery but not installation. It was agreed a face to face meeting would be held in Suffolk with the VSP prior to the coloured artwork being completed. KL to get RMW to sign the document. F. Village Hall and Horticultural Show JD was on both these committees. The last horticultural show was the best, most well attended show. It was felt this was due to the increase publicity (schedules printed and distributed to the Beckham, as well as Bodham, plus included in the Bulletin). It was agreed the £100 would be given to the Horticultural Show fund for printing the schedule/posters again this year (as last year). Children’s workshops will also be held the week prior to the show. Horticultural Show date 26th July. There is also a resident of West Beckham who had joined the Village Hall Committee. She remembers times when there was a carnival queen in West Beckham – JD advised she has photos etc. Good for the website. G. Emergency Help network AC could not attend the meeting however she reported the ‘VETS’ system is still under discussion for East Anglian Ambulance Service. Maybe by next meeting we will have more answers. JD also presented details of the Norfolk Swift Response (a County Council service) for 24 hour help to those in need – if you know of anyone vulnerable people who may benefit let them know. It was agreed to put a copy on each Notice Board and put detail on Website. H. Household Information Sheet The new Household information sheet had been reissued and sent out with the New Year Bulletin. It was well received although one resident had contacted JD to comment the sign for the Wheatsheaf Pub was not clear. – they are also the village shop and hub which was not included. I. Bulletin Content for Spring: Village Social History – continue response from resident who is checking the WW1 Book published by Sheringham Town Council as it has mention of a Lad from West Beckham. JD also suggested the war memorial names could be researched. This could be made available at the Church & on the website. Village Sign? Water Harvesting? Allotment Track? VETS emergency network – update? & Norfolk Swift Response. Wheatsheaf Pub – village shop/hub/opening hours/accommodation? Elections – in May – new voting location – Village Hall no longer the Wheatsheaf – (due to costs and disabled accessibility). Fly Tipping – environmental Contacts 4. AOB Open Read More …

17th October SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Wednesday 17th October 2018 VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham) Opened meeting 7:05PM Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, John Stibbons (until 7.45pm), Simon and Lorraine Wakeford, Andrew and Lynne Clarke, Rosabelle Batt, Ardna Curran, David McNeight 1. Apologies: David Barrass 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (August 2018) Any matters arising: Wi Fi Broadband (Thinking Wisp) in East Beckham to be followed up by D Barrass. (Post meeting) A surveyor will be coming to review the site in East Beckham and see what might be possible. Finance: Stibbons presented a spreadsheet with possible budget to be presented to the Parish Council in November. We were asked to review and make comments to him post meeting by email. The new annual funds have been received. JD presented a form with several subjects/items so that everyone could consider ON GOING costs and a contingency sum to be allocated from the Solar Community Fund. This will be reviewed at the next meeting. 3. Projects Update A. Felbeck Trust status RM-W (Chair of the PC) had not responded so far regards sending an amended letter to the Felbeck Trust (as voted and carried at the Parish Council meeting in September). This was now very urgent as eating into the winter period the Trust could work the land. They are not willing to commence without the deletion in the Parish Council’s letter requesting prior authority on spending and will consider working elsewhere instead. JD will follow up by email directly with RM-W. JS to resend the amended Letter by email to RM-W for signature and posting to the Felbeck Trust. It was noted also that RM-W was residing out of the Parish, at some distance, so this made contact more difficult than before. B. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments KL advised a team had been recruited from some of the allotment members. DM advised with 7 bulk liquid containers the roofing needed to be scaled up and would cost up to £700. KL advised that the Parish Council had only voted to give the go ahead on spend up to £500, but should more spending be needed it would be need to be voted on at Novembers Parish Council meeting. It was agreed therefore to reduce the size to keep to the proposed authorised budget (possibly by not using all the BLC). Noted the Allotment Team had made changes to the spec e.g. metal roofing, not the cheaper plastic type as this would last longer in a windy site. C. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotments DB had advised prior to the meeting he was getting in 3 quotes for a non concrete mesh type solution to deal with the allotment track. He would be ready to present these to the Parish Council in November. D. East Beckham Allotment General JS advised the land had been cut and ploughed but the hedging on non occupied plots needs cutting back. This was restricting the ploughing. There is still a large pile of wood from the tree removal to be burnt. E. Parish Walks – Lefty’s Lane JD advised she had gathered 5 witness statements giving evidence of use of this Green Lane and more are needed. The landowner either side of the green lane is Mr Clifton Brown who will need to be notified. This Lane historically had been recorded as the main road to travel to North Walsham. F. Village Sign KL advise the Village Sign People will redraw the ‘Modern’ side of the sign to incorporate the 2 masts that had been omitted. They will provide this in time for the November Parish Council meeting hopefully so that the design can be finalised and coloured artwork (which will be paid for) completed by the designer. Our production slot and spend is secured by VSP but we do not have a deadline or completion date in 2019. G. Bus Service or social events This was reviewed but no volunteer for the social secretary or contact for preferences on travel/event options have been made. It was felt that although the Bulletin was read and appreciated villagers are not keen to engage. No further action will be taken with the bus for the time being. The free Christmas Luncheon mention in Bodham funded by the horticultural show had also not had any takers from East or West Beckham. How to engage people who are eligible? The Wheatsheaf will provide a village Christmas lunch – available for a small fee which may help it to be better attended? H. Emergency Help network AC discussed possible Heartbeat scheme whereby a dedicated telephone number is allocated for emergency calling and then picks out of 10 village volunteers who would be willing to put their names (phone numbers) forward to attend should they be called. However; 1. It maybe difficult to find actual volunteers in the village. 2. Would it call in the same order every time. 3. How does the person in need call the number as they would already be connected to 999? Another option might be better should North Norfolk Ambulance Service set up an automatic First Responder assistance at the time of the 999 call. It was felt this should be pursued first and our local District and County Councillors to be lobbied. (Other regions have this facility but it is not currently available in North Norfolk) KL to email AC with Councillor contacts to enable discussion. I. Bulletin Content for winter or new year Village Social History – recording of stories? This was suggested previously and so far has not been pursued The new Household information sheet to be issued for 2019 January along with a covering Bulletin Issue. J. Household Information Sheet The draft was reviewed with comments. JD had created a hand drawn village map to show where locations/assets are. It was discussed and thought very useful for the back of the household info sheet. It would be laminated and A4 in size rather than folded. KL will try to create the map digitally so it can be replicated/changed easily in future. Additions: Aldborough Doctors Surgery, corrections to punctuation, The Wheatsheaf Pub, helplines suggested, travel contact options used/found helpful. KL to send the hand drawn map to all so they Read More …

22nd August SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting DATE: Wednesday 22nd August 2018 VENUE:  Julia Dovey’s Home  (the White House, The Street, West Beckham) Opened meeting 7:05PM  1. Apologies. John Stibbons, Ardna Curran, Rosabelle Batt, David McNeight 2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting  (JUNE 2018)  Any matters arising: JD advised picnic bench and trees in the playground were to be attended to. The Dial a Ride Bus service is regularly being used by residents in East and West Beckham which was good news. NWT are overloaded with work and changes in job responsibilities – LM will pick the moment to discuss Church/Graveyard management plan. 3. Projects A. Finance JS had provided a PC cash book and SCFC Expenditure spreadsheets (as at May 2018) which highlighted the balances. Deposited £44,944 Spent over 4 years £39,001 Balance £5,943 Further deposit expected in Oct 2018 approx £11,500 Giving approx £17,000 Planned expenditure was discussed:  The West Beckham Village Sign at approx. £5,000 (production and  payments not expected until some point in 2019) The Allotment track, entrance apron and carpark estimated only, at £8,000 What money should be set aside for maintenance of projects already in place and ongoing (e.g. Bulletin/Walk Leaflets/ Information Printing costs per annum )? To  clarify when JS at meeting. B. Defibrillator + Emergency Help network  JD/AC had a meeting at High Kelling with their Parish Council and Village Hall representatives. The Village Hall Chairman was previously involved in NHS Emergency Planning in a large London Borough so had instigated provisions at their village hall for the village community. For example, if someone had a flood or their freezer broke down the Village Hall (or freezer) could be used as an emergency ’stop gap’. This was something JD would discuss with our Village Hall committee. HK also meet and greet new neighbours and advise on local services, including doctors and nurses etc. There is a directory made up and village wardens who take on certain areas of the village. The ‘good neighbour scheme’ felt increased communication was the best option and HK would start to include ‘Public Information’ regularly, assuming just because something is known by some it doesn’t mean others do. Something we have adopted for the Bulletin. Heartbeat also run an emergency network which costs £100 or so, a year. Heartbeat would provide one public number as the Emergency Number. This would then trigger 10 volunteer numbers to the tried in sequence, until one answers. C. Felbeck Trust It was agreed the next Parish Council meeting would be the best opportunity to explain the need to remove the clause in the Felbeck Trust agreement which stated E&W Beckham Parish Council must have advice of prior spending. It is not required and is detrimental to the Trust getting funding as a Charity. E&WB Parish Council are not funding the Trust’s work.  The Trust is an independent tenant, however,  If this is stipulation is not removed it will be unable to continue on the East Beckham Common or the Village Green in West Beckham. JD to invite Chair Trevor Williams to the next Parish Council. D. Allotment EB Grass cut and Trees removed (Thursday 16/08/18) A large Bonfire, required  – perhaps an opportunity for a Guy Fawkes event? Ploughing/cultivation of the land would be required once the trees are cleared and before the new season starts in 2019. The track, entrance and carpark. Thomson Warner had reviewed the track and felt 2 concrete tracks would not be ideal given the slop and water run off. They would investigate the possible solution of stabilising material/grids to keep the track in place with a concrete apron. We need to keep an eye on the timing so we can present 3 quotes to the PC in November, but once we can agree the design we should get 3 quotes to present to PC. 7 Bulk Liquid Containers  have been delivered to the Allotment by RMW. KL to see if a volunteer group could come up with a design/build project. If it was felt this was not feasible quotes could be sought to build a shelter/roof by builders. Consider drainage for overflow. E. Village Sign Design Modern side – the latest design by VSP designer had been sent. This included Daffodils and a rework of the church and grain hoppers. The RAF Radar Towers had been excluded. It was thought this was better as it represented present day. The Church was seen from the side which is ‘hidden’ and it was asked if the Rose Window could be included – i.e. the Church seen from the other end. KL to discuss with VSP. The Solar Farm symbol chosen had been used in the shield to replace the WI symbol as sponsor. The ‘roadway’ rather than river colouring should be used. Ancient side – the spelling of the Village to best depict ‘ancient’ was BEOCCAHAM (homestead of Beocca).  This needs to be corrected by the Designer. The round tower had been drawn on the church to depict the older style as mention in Norfolk Heritage Explorer. F. Bulletin Content for winter (Village Social History – recording of stories) Good Neighbour information (as per High Kelling suggestions?) G. Household Information Sheet  KL had produced a rough draft of a new Household Information Sheet. Please review for next meeting. A double sided A4 but folded into 3 maybe better? The other side could have a map highlighting locations around the Parish. Parish Councillors should be listed, by Name if not by contact numbers. H. Grit Bin JD has asked RH to collect the new Grit bin from JS and replace the old bin at the Church corner.  4. AOB Thinking Wisp Broadband service was mentioned for East Beckham where the downed speed was below 2MB. DB to investigate. Notices have recently been posted showing Robert Batts land at various locations around West and East Beckham and JD would discuss with NCC. 5. Next Meeting dates Wednesday 17th October 7PM at Julia Dovey’s  Home. meeting closed 9:15PM     Cllr Kathryn Lord (Secretary E&WB Solar Community Fund Committee) / 07711070417 2 Hall Farm Cottages, Church Road, West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6NX

20th June SCFC Minutes

Held at Julia’s Dovey Home Present: Julia Dovey (Chair) Kathryn Lord (Secretary), David McNeight, David Barrass, Ardna Curran, Simon and Lorraine Wakeford, Rosabelle Batt, John Stibbons The Meeting opened at 7:05pm 1. Apologies None 2. The minutes 12.04.18 were agreed as fair reflection of the meeting. 3. Projects 1] National Allotment Society Course attended by KL. It was highlighted by NAS that water billing problems/errors on allotments where taking place across the country. It further endorsed the decision to provide no mains water, but to harvest rain water. RMcN-W had offered Bulk Liquid containers (ex fertiliser) which we could use to collect water. KL to make contact. It was agreed to establish a shelter with roof to collect water this way. DB and DMcN 2] Allotment track. Given the next Solar funding is due in October and the Parish Council meeting will be in November the quotes for the track/entrance/carpark should be sort in readiness of this meeting. We would then be in a position to get the work done. JD had asked Thomson builders if they would in interested to tender a quote and they confirmed they would be. DB to organise the 3 necessary quotes. 3] JD to attend the Felbeck Trust meeting in July. Suggestions by SCFC for direction? A picnic table? Owl boxes? Bird feeders?. LM advised a NWT volunteer was working on WB/EB areas for Felbeck Trust – a species list was being created. Information boards at some point but it maybe too early now. 4] LM to check with NWT team re Management Plan for the Churchyard/Graveyard availability and if this can be passed to KL. In turn this may be useful to aid with the reduction of work needed by the Church Warden etc. 5] An old photo of the West Beckham sign has been processed by Chevertons to A3 size. The frame cost at driftwood galleries with mount has been quoted at £40. It was agreed give them the go ahead. East Beckham sign needs to be taken. KL showed one taken on her pone and it was agreed with a clean up of ‘East’ wording by photoshop this would be a good photo. KL to send to Chevertons. The new WB Village sign design was discussed. KL to advise Village Sign People and get the designs drawn by their Designer. 6] The Village clean up date. It was felt the village litter had improved since the cutting of the verges etc had collected rubbish at the same time. The clean up was therefore postponed for another time. It had been established the equipment (pickers, hi viz jackets etc) are available from NNDC. 7] The picnic table at the West Beckham Play ground was rotting and so the Glasdon bench to replace this one. It had already been discussed with Richard Hudson/Stuart earlier in the year but this had not happened. JD to discuss/prompt action. 8] Bus service – it was suggested setting up a bus for an event to make it more appealing. For example 1940’s weekend (14th – 16th September 2018) or turning on Christmas Lights in Sheringham (16/11/2018). Would a Volunteer car rota be possible? What is the implication for insurance? 9] Suggestion Box. Despite asking the community in the Bulletin about ideas for using the Solar Fund money no ideas had come forward. A suggestion box may allow people to leave suggestion or comment. It was suggested to put a box into the Bus stop in West Beckham and some suggestion slips (also maybe a tear off slip in the next Bulletin). DMcN to make a box (with see through front) for installation. 10] AC had investigated ‘Emergency Call Network’ systems for villages to aid in case of emergency. A suggestion to create a village volunteer ‘WhatsApp’ Group maybe an option but it was not likely to work for the older generation or where the mobile network was poor. Community Heartbeat were due to call and advise – AC to follow up. JS also advised he was looking at First Aid Training on behalf of the Parish Council. High Kelling are already investigating setting up an emergency network – JD to follow up if we could learn from this or to join their network. JS advised Salthouse created a network as a result of the sea surges and the need to have a list of people to advise and aid (drs) in case of emergency. JS to investigate District or County Council schemes setting up a Register of Specialist Skills: for example – people with a 4×4, or medical training. 11] ‘Message in a Bottle’ (via the Lions Club). KL had contacted Lions Club and they were prepared to supply 100 MIB for a donation of £40. However it was felt a blanket distribution of the MIB with the Bulletin was not a recommend way to distribute them. In their experience the bottles don’t get used appropriately and go to waste. It was therefore felt best to leave the idea until maybe another First Aid event or time when villagers could be shown and helped to complete the extensive form. 12] The Household Information Sheet was out of date as issued back in 2016. Could everyone review so it can be updated. KL advised it was on the website so it can be printed as needed. Once updated it can be held here. A triple fold (as per Stroll around the Beckham’s) was preferred and adverts for local business could be added to help fund it (as per Link Up). Add Mobile Post Office and Fish and Chip Van at Bodham 13] Next Bulletin issue – end July New Village sign advise progress. Volunteer Group? Transport or emergency network? Xmas Lights or 1940’s weekend Bus service? Village Social History – recording of stories – would anyone be interested to record these and put together as a booklet? 4. AOB. Grit Bin at West Beckham Church Corner was broken – could it be replaced with the new one. JS to action. 5. Next meeting date Wednesday 22nd August at Julia Dovey’s home Meeting ended 9:00 PM

12th April SCFC Minutes

Held at The Village Hall (Bodham) Present: Julia Dovey (Chair) Kathryn Lord (Secretary), David McNeight, David Barrass, Ardna Curran, Simon and Lorraine Wakeford, Francis P The Meeting opened at 7:05pm 1. Apologies John Stibbons 2. The minutes 15.02.18 were agreed as fair reflection of the meeting. 3. Projects ALLOTMENT TRACK – DB reported no further work has taken place as we do not have sufficient funds until the next amount of solar fund money is received (in October). Also if the Village sign was to be a priority this would take up the available money. DMc provided a rough costing of rainwater capture (based on the Maydencroft design idea with a roof and tank storage) Costing £250 + food tank container at approx £40 – £80 on top. It was thought a meeting to decide where on the allotment this could be placed would be sensible or discuss with those who would have an opinion on the matter. KL advised West side of the allotment was now fully taken and on the East side a prospective resident is being taken this Saturday to choose a plot. The old bench has been disposed of. The new bench is not secured, but is useable (The plaque for Bob and Ivy yet to be fitted). THE FELBECK TRUST – They had already started work and had visited East Beckham common. They fitted a rustic bench and have put up bat and bird boxes. JD is to be the appointed contact with FT and has agreed to meet with them at the end of July to discuss the direction of work for both sites. No work is going on during the summer months but nature surveys will be undertaken to record what is already present. Churchyard and Cemetery Surveys where also discussed. NWT have not actually agreed to revisit the 2 areas as yet and if they do it will be to record birds, bees and butterflies (noting too if any plant species have changed). By the next solar fund meeting in June this would be known. The PCC meeting is taking place on Friday 13th April so the maintenance etc of the Cemetery maybe discussed. KL advised she had not heard back from the NWT regards a management plan for the areas. How much would it cost to cut and strim the Cemetery if the Solar Community Fund was to pay? The NWT survey could be laminated and posted in the Church Porch for people to read. Certain Tombs are recorded as 18th Century however they are overgrown with Ivy. NWT may supply signage to advise of a natural environment for the Cemetery/Churchyard, but also the SCF could instigate. Review at June meeting when we know a bit more. VILLAGE SIGN – JD 3 quotes had been received. KL and JD to have separate meeting to present to PC. The reason the village sign was included in our project list was after establishing the sign was in poor condition when trying to photograph for inclusion on the Village Hall wall. It was therefore suggested the original 1980 photo be reviewed to see if this could be used. JD to initiate. DB to take photos of East Beckham sign. DEFIBRILLATORS – A big thank you to John Stibbons for all the work in getting the defibrillators, funded, fitted, and then for the well attended awareness meeting set up. It was very useful to have the first aid meeting and raise number of queries. AC to investigate Village ‘Emergency Network’ – a call for help/volunteers around the villages in event of an emergency. WEBSITE – JD has had a login created so Beckham walks can be added. Link to Bodham website to be arranged Dmc BUS SERVICE – (Note post meeting The Bulletin asked for suggestions re ‘Special Bus’ put on by SCF and a suggestion was given to KL by a parishioner to run a ‘Wednesday bus/taxi’ through the summer for Market day) VILLAGE CLEAN UP – Bus shelter, Sheringham Road, Bluebell Barn to Church, areas where the Daffodil pickers have discarded blue gloves near allotment lane/The Street. Signage could be made to announce ‘Litter Pickers at Work’ and high viz jackets worn if you have them. 10AM Village Sign 28th April for volunteers. THE BULLETIN – Summer issue contents. Horticultural show – many more classes than just fruit and veg. See Bodham for more details. 4. AOB. Create a ‘Suggestion box’ for the Bus Stop Household information sheet to be updated. Mobile Post Office and Fish and Chip Van at Bodham Allotment Training possible via Norfolk Local Councillors and paid via SCF money. 5. Next meeting date Thursday 14th June Meeting ended 8.45PM Cllr Kathryn Lord (Secretary E&WB Solar Community Fund Committee) / 07711070417 2 Hall Farm Cottages, Church Road, West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6NX