22nd August SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting
DATE: Wednesday 22nd August 2018
VENUE:  Julia Dovey’s Home  (the White House, The Street, West Beckham)
Opened meeting 7:05PM 
1. Apologies.
John Stibbons, Ardna Curran, Rosabelle Batt, David McNeight
2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting  (JUNE 2018) 
Any matters arising:
  • JD advised picnic bench and trees in the playground were to be attended to.
  • The Dial a Ride Bus service is regularly being used by residents in East and West Beckham which was good news.
  • NWT are overloaded with work and changes in job responsibilities – LM will pick the moment to discuss Church/Graveyard management plan.
3. Projects
A. Finance
JS had provided a PC cash book and SCFC Expenditure spreadsheets (as at May 2018) which highlighted the balances.
Deposited £44,944
Spent over 4 years £39,001
Balance £5,943
Further deposit expected in Oct 2018 approx £11,500
Giving approx £17,000
Planned expenditure was discussed: 
The West Beckham Village Sign at approx. £5,000 (production and  payments not expected until some point in 2019)
The Allotment track, entrance apron and carpark estimated only, at £8,000
What money should be set aside for maintenance of projects already in place and ongoing (e.g. Bulletin/Walk Leaflets/ Information Printing costs per annum )? To  clarify when JS at meeting.
B. Defibrillator + Emergency Help network
 JD/AC had a meeting at High Kelling with their Parish Council and Village Hall representatives. The Village Hall Chairman was previously involved in NHS Emergency Planning in a large London Borough so had instigated provisions at their village hall for the village community. For example, if someone had a flood or their freezer broke down the Village Hall (or freezer) could be used as an emergency ’stop gap’. This was something JD would discuss with our Village Hall committee.
HK also meet and greet new neighbours and advise on local services, including doctors and nurses etc. There is a directory made up and village wardens who take on certain areas of the village.
The ‘good neighbour scheme’ felt increased communication was the best option and HK would start to include ‘Public Information’ regularly, assuming just because something is known by some it doesn’t mean others do. Something we have adopted for the Bulletin.
Heartbeat also run an emergency network which costs £100 or so, a year. Heartbeat would provide one public number as the Emergency Number. This would then trigger 10 volunteer numbers to the tried in sequence, until one answers.
C. Felbeck Trust
It was agreed the next Parish Council meeting would be the best opportunity to explain the need to remove the clause in the Felbeck Trust agreement which stated E&W Beckham Parish Council must have advice of prior spending. It is not required and is detrimental to the Trust getting funding as a Charity. E&WB Parish Council are not funding the Trust’s work.  The Trust is an independent tenant, however,  If this is stipulation is not removed it will be unable to continue on the East Beckham Common or the Village Green in West Beckham. JD to invite Chair Trevor Williams to the next Parish Council.
D. Allotment EB
  • Grass cut and Trees removed (Thursday 16/08/18) A large Bonfire, required  – perhaps an opportunity for a Guy Fawkes event?
  • Ploughing/cultivation of the land would be required once the trees are cleared and before the new season starts in 2019.
  • The track, entrance and carpark. Thomson Warner had reviewed the track and felt 2 concrete tracks would not be ideal given the slop and water run off. They would investigate the possible solution of stabilising material/grids to keep the track in place with a concrete apron. We need to keep an eye on the timing so we can present 3 quotes to the PC in November, but once we can agree the design we should get 3 quotes to present to PC.
  • 7 Bulk Liquid Containers  have been delivered to the Allotment by RMW.
  • KL to see if a volunteer group could come up with a design/build project. If it was felt this was not feasible quotes could be sought to build a shelter/roof by builders. Consider drainage for overflow.
E. Village Sign Design
Modern side – the latest design by VSP designer had been sent. This included Daffodils and a rework of the church and grain hoppers. The RAF Radar Towers had been excluded. It was thought this was better as it represented present day. The Church was seen from the side which is ‘hidden’ and it was asked if the Rose Window could be included – i.e. the Church seen from the other end. KL to discuss with VSP. The Solar Farm symbol chosen had been used in the shield to replace the WI symbol as sponsor. The ‘roadway’ rather than river colouring should be used.
Ancient side – the spelling of the Village to best depict ‘ancient’ was BEOCCAHAM (homestead of Beocca).  This needs to be corrected by the Designer.
The round tower had been drawn on the church to depict the older style as mention in Norfolk Heritage Explorer.
F. Bulletin
Content for winter (Village Social History – recording of stories)
Good Neighbour information (as per High Kelling suggestions?)
G. Household Information Sheet 
KL had produced a rough draft of a new Household Information Sheet. Please review for next meeting. A double sided A4 but folded into 3 maybe better? The other side could have a map highlighting locations around the Parish. Parish Councillors should be listed, by Name if not by contact numbers.
H. Grit Bin
JD has asked RH to collect the new Grit bin from JS and replace the old bin at the Church corner.
 4. AOB
Thinking Wisp Broadband service was mentioned for East Beckham where the downed speed was below 2MB. DB to investigate.
Notices have recently been posted showing Robert Batts land at various locations around West and East Beckham and JD would discuss with NCC.
5. Next Meeting dates
Wednesday 17th October 7PM at Julia Dovey’s  Home.
meeting closed 9:15PM
Cllr Kathryn Lord (Secretary E&WB Solar Community Fund Committee)
kathryn.lord@me.com / 07711070417
2 Hall Farm Cottages, Church Road,
West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk
NR25 6NX

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