17th October SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting
DATE: Wednesday 17th October 2018
VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham)
Opened meeting 7:05PM
Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, John Stibbons (until 7.45pm), Simon and Lorraine Wakeford, Andrew and Lynne Clarke, Rosabelle Batt, Ardna Curran, David McNeight

1. Apologies: David Barrass

2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (August 2018)
Any matters arising:
Wi Fi Broadband (Thinking Wisp) in East Beckham to be followed up by D Barrass. (Post meeting) A surveyor will be coming to review the site in East Beckham and see what might be possible.
Finance: Stibbons presented a spreadsheet with possible budget to be presented to the Parish Council in November. We were asked to review and make comments to him post meeting by email. The new annual funds have been received.
JD presented a form with several subjects/items so that everyone could consider ON GOING costs and a contingency sum to be allocated from the Solar Community Fund. This will be reviewed at the next meeting.

3. Projects Update

A. Felbeck Trust status
RM-W (Chair of the PC) had not responded so far regards sending an amended letter to the Felbeck Trust (as voted and carried at the Parish Council meeting in September). This was now very urgent as eating into the winter period the Trust could work the land. They are not willing to commence without the deletion in the Parish Council’s letter requesting prior authority on spending and will consider working elsewhere instead. JD will follow up by email directly with RM-W. JS to resend the amended Letter by email to RM-W for signature and posting to the Felbeck Trust. It was noted also that RM-W was residing out of the Parish, at some distance, so this made contact more difficult than before.

B. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments
KL advised a team had been recruited from some of the allotment members. DM advised with 7 bulk liquid containers the roofing needed to be scaled up and would cost up to £700. KL advised that the Parish Council had only voted to give the go ahead on spend up to £500, but should more spending be needed it would be need to be voted on at Novembers Parish Council meeting. It was agreed therefore to reduce the size to keep to the proposed authorised budget (possibly by not using all the BLC). Noted the Allotment Team had made changes to the spec e.g. metal roofing, not the cheaper plastic type as this would last longer in a windy site.

C. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotments
DB had advised prior to the meeting he was getting in 3 quotes for a non concrete mesh type solution to deal with the allotment track. He would be ready to present these to the Parish Council in November.

D. East Beckham Allotment General
JS advised the land had been cut and ploughed but the hedging on non occupied plots needs cutting back. This was restricting the ploughing. There is still a large pile of wood from the tree removal to be burnt.

E. Parish Walks – Lefty’s Lane
JD advised she had gathered 5 witness statements giving evidence of use of this Green Lane and more are needed. The landowner either side of the green lane is Mr Clifton Brown who will need to be notified. This Lane historically had been recorded as the main road to travel to North Walsham.

F. Village Sign
KL advise the Village Sign People will redraw the ‘Modern’ side of the sign to incorporate the 2 masts that had been omitted. They will provide this in time for the November Parish Council meeting hopefully so that the design can be finalised and coloured artwork (which will be paid for) completed by the designer. Our production slot and spend is secured by VSP but we do not have a deadline or completion date in 2019.

G. Bus Service or social events
This was reviewed but no volunteer for the social secretary or contact for preferences on travel/event options have been made. It was felt that although the Bulletin was read and appreciated villagers are not keen to engage. No further action will be taken with the bus for the time being. The free Christmas Luncheon mention in Bodham funded by the horticultural show had also not had any takers from East or West Beckham. How to engage people who are eligible? The Wheatsheaf will provide a village Christmas lunch – available for a small fee which may help it to be better attended?

H. Emergency Help network
AC discussed possible Heartbeat scheme whereby a dedicated telephone number is allocated for emergency calling and then picks out of 10 village volunteers who would be willing to put their names (phone numbers) forward to attend should they be called. However; 1. It maybe difficult to find actual volunteers in the village. 2. Would it call in the same order every time. 3. How does the person in need call the number as they would already be connected to 999?
Another option might be better should North Norfolk Ambulance Service set up an automatic First Responder assistance at the time of the 999 call. It was felt this should be pursued first and our local District and County Councillors to be lobbied. (Other regions have this facility but it is not currently available in North Norfolk) KL to email AC with Councillor contacts to enable discussion.

I. Bulletin
Content for winter or new year
Village Social History – recording of stories? This was suggested previously and so far has not been pursued
The new Household information sheet to be issued for 2019 January along with a covering Bulletin Issue.

J. Household Information Sheet
The draft was reviewed with comments. JD had created a hand drawn village map to show where locations/assets are. It was discussed and thought very useful for the back of the household info sheet. It would be laminated and A4 in size rather than folded. KL will try to create the map digitally so it can be replicated/changed easily in future. Additions: Aldborough Doctors Surgery, corrections to punctuation, The Wheatsheaf Pub, helplines suggested, travel contact options used/found helpful. KL to send the hand drawn map to all so they could review in detail and comment further.
Any comments to be sent to KL to be incorporated. Dead line to be End December 2018.






4. AOB
West Beckham Allotment
KL reported that after visiting the WB allotment field today it seems to be full of dock weeds. (photo attached)





RM-W had sown nectar mix (reported jan 2017 minutes to be sown in spring 2018). What is happening to this land in the coming season? Is weed killing planned? Is it to be re seeded with another seed mix to improve the soil so that it could be used as an amenity for the village? It was highlighted that the old ‘tip’ could be contaminated and therefore any use should be suitable. There were suggestions of a dog walking secure fenced stock area as per Stody Estate which is used extensively by people in the general area. How much would this cost? Trees could be planted to landscape the area – RB to review landscaping options. KL had also suggested a tennis court /multi sport option or ‘event field’ but this would cost at least in the region of £25K.

West Beckham Play Area – Further to the PC meeting – RB clarified the Cherry Trees alongside the playground were wild and on their land but fine to cut back. JD to get the trees trimmed back by RH along with the other items (move grit bin and install Glasdon picnic table)

5. Next Meeting dates
Tuesday 5th February 2019 at 7PM at Julia Dovey’s Home

Meeting closed at 8.45pm
Many thanks go to Julia and Norman for the use of their home for the meetings.

Cllr Kathryn Lord (Secretary E&WB Solar Community Fund Committee)
kathryn.lord@me.com / 07711070417
2 Hall Farm Cottages, Church Road,
West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk
NR25 6NX

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