19th February SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting 
DATE: Wednesday 19th February 2020VENUE:  Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham)Opened meeting7:05PM Attended by:Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, David McNeight, Rosabelle Batt, Lorraine andSimon Wakeford, Andrew and Lynne Clarke1. Apologies:Tracy Toyne, David Barrass, John Stibbons, Paula Coast, Ardna Curran, Frances Prokofiev
2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (Nov 2020) 
3. Projects Update
A. NNDC Meeting – VE & VJ day celebrationsJulia and Kathryn had attended the above networking meeting. There are many activities planned around the county for May 8th Weekend and throughout the summer – 1940’s weekend 2nd weekend in September. (Further review meeting 31st March). We met with the representative of Langham Dome who gave details of the company (Ugly Studios) who researched and produced graphically all the excellent information boards at the exhibit. JD to contact Ugly for initial meeting/costingand the Village Hall is happy to house a ‘heritage display’ which covers RAF West Beckham etc. Possible to create for 1940’s weekend 2nd week September? JD sent details of West Beckham RAF etc to NNDC to be included in the ‘World War Remembrance map’ of Norfolk which NNDC are creating.B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Hedging has been cut on the road side of the allotment. (A discussion was held over power/telephone/broadband cables, and whose responsibility it is to cut trees?)Bonfire(s) in allotment ground continues to grow with ‘green matter’. This still needs to be tackled/cleared (chainsaw needed) but weather has not been good. Hedgehogs may also be nesting underneath.An allotment holder (first 2 plots by car park) has asked for the chance to put some Bee Hives onto their allotment. Everyone was keen to have the bees and would be good for pollination everywhere. JD advised free fruit trees are available from NNDC and we could plant a community orchard. It was felt the amount of work (responsibility of pruning) would be move than we could commit to. RB advised Gresham used to have community orchard but this no longer exists. 
C. Village Sign West BeckhamKL advised the sign is being painted by Village Sign People and then will be fitted into the frame/post.It will be ready in March.Invoice £5,675:00 to be sent to JS for a cheque to be handed over when the new sign is delivered.We will need to arrange dismantling of the old sign. (SW to investigate the current set up what is needed to dismantle?)Old sign – what could be done with it? Would the pub be interested? (Note: may depend on condition of the sign – rot etc)JD to ask JMNWif the garage/barn can be used to store the new/old sign. KL to contact RMNWregards use of equipment, to move/install the new sign.Possible Village Event for the installation – possible involvement of the Wheatsheaf Pub? This could be a Village Heritage day? 
D. New Bench Opposite the West Beckham Bus StopRB volunteered to measure and photograph the concrete pad opposite the bus stop(outside Chestnut Farm) to ensure the existing large Glasdon bench would fit. If so, a new wooden bench could be bought to replace the Glasdon bench currently in the bus stop. RB will circulate results by email.
E. Village Clean UpJD to order‘Wet and Forget’ product. This can be used to clean the green algae on the white village gates. 
F. Playground West BeckhamThe picnic table needs sanding down or treating. The fencing and gates are no longer stable. (TT is doing the playground review this month for the Parish Council Meeting).KL to reviewpossible gate/fence options for next meeting.
G. Community Action Norfolk (CAN) – Good Neighbour SchemeJD and AC attended a meeting on the 5th February with CAN representative Sally ThorntonBelow is a report by Ardna with full details. Is a Good Neighbour scheme in East and West Beckham possible – there are so few residents – could Gresham, Bodham or even Kelling be included? A suggestion to set up a meeting with the 2nd Defibrillator Training/First Aid session and the CAN representative Sally Thornton will do a presentation. Problem with Bodham and Beckham VH as a venue would be lack of car parking – possibly Gresham would be better? (Discuss with JS) H. Bodham ShopCallum Ringer advised there was due to be a public meeting (in late March) with the results of the survey. (150 returns all positive, apart from 1)SCFC felt the lack of a site maybe a problem and once in a car it was ‘easier’ to travel further to the shops.I. SCF Trophy for the Horticultural ShowIt was suggested a trophy should be offered (maybe a glass paperweight rather than a shield??) As TT was unable to attend the meeting –discuss with TT suitable options.
J. Bulletin next issue  Springtime – so we can include:Installation of New Village signDefibrillator & First Aid & CAN meeting date?Heritage Day date?Cromer Cancer Unit – appeal for fundraising – information attached. Copies will be posted on the Village notice boards.

Hospital Poster.pdf

‘thanks’ for:1. East Beckham Sign refurbishment2. Playground refurbishment (gate & painting)3. Regular Litter Picking by East Beckham resident
4. AOBChestnut Farm trees that had come down in recent storms Ciara/Dennis – a large evergreen by the bus stop (which was very quickly cleared,) and another which has fallen on the East side of Chestnut Farm barn in Church Road. Post meeting – this has now been partially cleared. 
5. Next Meeting dateat 7PM at Julia Dovey’s Home
2nd APRIL 2020
Meeting closed 8.20pm

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