The Village Van – Update

The Village Van mobile shop had been a welcome consequence of ‘Covid lockdown’. Vendor Tom, with Claude (his trusty 1973 Citroen van) started a delivery round of North Norfolk villages, as his normal street-food business was curtailed by Government restrictions. Outside West Beckham Church at 1.30pm, on a Thursday, became a regular meeting place and several residents were introduced to others as a result! In addition, the supply of preordered fruit and veg boxes or delicious fresh produce from local suppliers, like Sharrington strawberries, Mrs Temples cheeses and store cupboard options like Letheringsett Mill flour, among many others, where available to buy on the day!
We will miss Tom along with his helpers, Sarah and Holly, who have now returned to their regular work – so we have to say goodbye and we wish them well for the future.
If you are in need of a catering company contact:
HELLO@NEALLSKITCHEN.COM or phone Tom on 07761606328.

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