19th November SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting 

DATE: Thursday 19th November 2020
VENUE:  BY ZOOM Virtual meeting
Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, David McNeight, Rosabelle Batt, David Barrass, John Stibbons, Ardna Curran, Paula Coast, Tracy Toyne, Lorraine and Simon Wakeford, Andrew and Lynne Clarke, Graham and Frances High
Opened meeting 7:00PM

1. Apologies: None 

2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (October 2020) 

3. Projects Update
3.1 Village sign (Old and New) It was agreed that the old sign which was not in good condition but should be offered first to 1st: Eve Smith whose late husband had restored the village sign, in case she wanted to have it as a keep sake? 2nd: Offer to the Wheatsheaf for display but given the condition this may not be so likely? 3rd: Suggestion of putting into the Bus Shelter – this was going to take up too much room and again given the condition we do not wish to add further costs to maintain it – hence the reason for a brand new sign. Disposal of the old sign may be necessary if we cannot find it a home.
The new sign – should information be made accessible to ‘explain’ the different symbols of the sign? It was suggested this information could be put into the Bus Shelter and a small sign placed on the sign’s post directing you to the bus shelter for further information (or a QR code to the Website).
3.2 West Beckham Cemetery plan Rev Frank Clark has advised the new Rev Ian, when settled would be able to help us get access to the existing plans which are held in St Helen’s and All Saints Church. This plan includes details of the older head stones and plots.3.3 Community ShopTracy Toyne had volunteered to be the Beckham representative for the Village Shop Steering committee. The next meeting date was confirmed as Monday 30th November.
3.4 RAF West Beckham Information Board for the Village Hall Graham High and Paula Coast had been doing homework on the above. Discussions have been had with Mike Digby who has collected a wealth of material about RAF West Beckham. It was agreed the focus would be a village hall information board for residents, visitors etc (although the interest in the sites could be much wider they are now in private ownership and therefore unaccessible to the public). There was room in the hall (left of the stage – a ceiling to floor space) for a custom size of ‘poster’ board which Chevertons are able to produce. Graham will write text and select photos to illustrate the history of RAF West Beckham . Paula will work with Graham on layout etc. A draft will be put together for the next meeting. http://www.eastandwestbeckham.org could also be used to display/access information for the more computer literate. Beeston Bump info board and Langham Dome website were also highlighted for inspiration.
3.4 Allotment Track Extension in East Beckham Rosabelle had a site visit wit Mr Witham and he suggested re digging the drainage trench at a cost of £120, as long as other people will keep this clear of silt runoff. (2 trenches had previously been created by him when the clippings where laid lower down on the track, but had quickly filled in through rain/soil erosion). Mr Witham has gone away to consider a way of capturing the water run off (a sump/tank and drainage channel) and to quote for this. There is likely to be a grant available at NNDC for this water capture due to the community and environmental nature of the project. 
3.5 Trophy for Horticultural Show The visit to Langham Glass was cancelled until further notice due to Covid19
3.6 Water Resources East – possible water saving options? The allotment water run off capture (as point 3.4) seemed a good start re water saving but if anyone had any further ideas to promote water saving in the community we should report back.
3.7 Play Area in West Beckham JS advised NNDC legal department are still considering the lease renewal and if the fencing is the responsibility of NNDC. The fallen trees/brambles etc had been cleared. 
3.8 Over 70s Lunch replacement idea Kathryn Lord advised after discussion with various members of the ‘lunch committee’, Bodham Parish Council, Good Neighbour scheme co ordinator Mel Clarke and Beckham Parish Councillors it had been agreed the great idea to provide a ‘welcome treat’ to over 70s was going to cause more problems than it would provide benefit. Some people felt the over 70s would find the ’treat’ an embarrassment and in practice it was extremely hard to target the right people, especially with data protection restrictions. Therefore the idea has been abandoned.
3.9 Cherry Tree for Church Yard Rosabelle Batt and Kathryn Lord had been advised Tim and Glenda Driver were looking to replace the fallen mulberry tree – it was originally bought as a memorial to her father. It was not clear therefore if the SCFC should go ahead and buy/plant a cherry tree or not. KL/RB to discuss further with Glenda Driver.
3.10 ‘Thank You’ to the Good Neighbour Scheme Team It was agreed at the Parish Council to buy a ‘festive bottle’ for the team of Good Neighbour helpers (8) to say thank you for all their efforts. KL to arrange.
3.11 Open Reach cables in Church Road Ardna had explained the frustration speaking with Open Reach and their lack of action to fix the problems. It was suggested going to the media – EDP, try NNDC, email Duncan Baker, try explaining the telephone line also supplies the defibrillator! 

4. AOB
a. Internet access in East Beckham. David Barrass would commit to finding some time – initiating the Open Reach/Government Voucher scheme to see if at all viable. 
b. Footpath off Allotment Lane in West Beckham Andrew Clarke advised the footpath finger post had a confusing new notice saying no right of way, despite there still being green way markers illustrating the footpath directions. Julia Dovey advised green way markers indicate ‘permissive paths only’ and these paths have been stopped several years ago. The OS footpath for public use is a yellow way marker. It was suggested the green way markers should be removed – as it was not at all clear.
c. Bulletin next issue It was agreed the next Bulletin would be held over until 2021 when there would hopefully be better news and more to report.

5. Next Meeting date
7PM (by ZOOM), Thursday 7th January 2021
Meeting closed 8.30pm
Cllr Kathryn Lord (Secretary E&WB Solar Community Fund Committee)kathryn.lord@me.com/ 077110704172 Hall Farm Cottages, Church Road,West Beckham, Holt, NorfolkNR25 6NX

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