7th January SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting 
DATE: Thursday 7th January 2021VENUE:  BY ZOOM Virtual meetingOpened meeting 7:00PMAttended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, David McNeight, Rosabelle Batt,  David Barrass, John Stibbons, Ardna Curran, Paula Coast, Lorraine and Simon Wakeford, Andrew and Lynne Clarke, Graham High
1. Apologies  Frances Prokofiev, Tracy Toyne – report regarding community shop circulated by email prior to the meeting 
2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (October 2020) 

  • KL advised a bottle of Fizz ‘Thank You’ for each Good Neighbour Team member was distributed pre Christmas and much appreciated by the team members.

3. Projects Update
a] Village Sign 

  • KL advised the Village Sign People who created the new sign had been sent photos of the installation. 
  • JD had created an information sheet for the old sign (explaining the shields etc) so she will update this and ask Chevertons to print so it could be placed in the Bus Shelter. This art work can also be put on the village website and a QR Code created & placed by the sign linking the information. KL to send artwork originals to JD
  • The old sign remains at Chestnut Farm barn. 

b] West Beckham Cemetery 

  • KL had contacted Rev Ian Dyble and he replied: “If it is allowable then of the options I think the website would be best as a board would require siting – which would need a faculty from the Chancellor of the Diocese – and maintenance.” He was going to find out if possible for this meeting,

c] Community Shop

  • TT report had been circulated prior to the meeting. Noted it would be a great deal of work to establish if the shop is a viable option.
  • Latest information from the Red Hart Pub opening the local Lockdown shop would be a good test of viability. 
  • If artisan products were sold this could be a draw as anyone in Beckham is likely to get in a car to visit the shop, and therefore once in the car other shops are just as ‘available’. 
  • Red Hart location has good carpark which is therefore very important.
  • The meeting point (as a shop) would also be of benefit when people are able to gather again.

d] RAF West Beckham Information Board for Village Hall

  • GH advised he had drafted 660 words in 8 paragraphs with selected photos (which had been cleaned up via photoshop) about the ‘Chain Home’ station. Mike Digby had also reviewed this content and provided photos. 
  • PC would now take over with photos and layout. 
  • PC was provided with Ann Digby’s contact details so she could get access to the Village Hall and view/measure the exact space ‘left of the stage’ which is the suggested location. 
  • PC to contact Chevertons to see what board size is cost effective
  • Progress has been very impressive and JD thanked GH and PC for their input

e] Allotment Track/Water collection Sump in West Beckham

  • RB had spoken to Mr Witham. He had suggested using part of the first allotment at the bottom for the site of a drainage sump. This may not be possible as it is a very established allotment plot. 
  • The car park (Lots 26/27) area is only half utilised and could be used to house a sump? A motorised pump would be required which could be solar powered
  • Mr Witham will meet with someone from the allotment (Simon BP?) RB to arrange
  • All dependant on costing
  • KL to send an allotment plan to RB

f] Trophy for the Horticultural Show

  • Postponed visit to Langham Glass 

g] Play Area in West Beckham update on NNDC lease/fence maintenance

  • JS advised no news – hopefully for the PC meeting next week. NNDC Staff are being redeployed and not working ‘as normal’ 

h] Replacement Tree for St Helens and All Saints Church

  • RB reported that although PC was willing to source and replace the toppled tree with a cherry, Tim and Glenda Driver would like to do this personally as it was a family memorial tree. They are therefore arranging this independently.

i] Internet Access/Provision and voucher scheme

  • DB advised he hadn’t been able to discuss the scheme with East Beckham residents and is reluctant to go door to door given Covid status.
  • JD suggested creating a leaflet to advise residents of the scheme and ask for their response via email or phone. DB to investigate further

j] Bulletin Issue

  • Given the news from the last Summer 2020 issue of the Bulletin has not really changed it was felt it should wait until March meeting and Spring to have more to communicate hopefully of a cheerful nature.

4. AOB

  • SW highlighted the dangerous status of the Church roof. There are many loose/slipped tiles (on Church road side) that could potentially fall and hit someone. JD advised the Church is aware of the situation. 
  • LW advised the stile to East Beckham Church ruins has been broken. RB advised this was by the destructive cows while in the field and the farmer has been advised to put it back.
  • Could the Solar Fund buy laptops or tablets for any children in the Parish if they need it while schooling is remotely supplied? JD to discuss with Sheringham High School and Primary. RB to discuss with Gresham Primary Head. What would be helpful? 
  • Post meeting PC advised her son said laptops are much better than tablets for lessons etc. Also ACl had donated 2 old lap tops. 

5. Next Meeting date Wednesday 24th February 7pm by Zoom Meeting closed at 8pm, Thank you for attending! 

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