24th February SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting

DATE: Wednesday 24th February 2021
VENUE: BY ZOOM Virtual meeting
Opened meeting 7:00PM
Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, David McNeight, David Barrass, John Stibbons, Ardna Curran, Tracy Toyne, Lorraine and Simon Wakeford, Andrew and Lynne Clarke, Graham High and Frances Prokofiev

1. Apologies
Paula Coast (+ Rosabelle Batt, post meeting)

2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (January 2021)

3. Projects Update

a] Village Sign Info Board
JD had circulated the draft artwork and quote for the information board (Cheverton Printers). Comments & corrections were reviewed. JD will ask for a 2nd draft. Costs seemed very reasonable £71 for A2 and £88 for A1. The large, A1 dimensions to be checked for installation inside the Bus Shelter.
QR code will also be quoted by Chevertons – this needs to be colourfast and weather proof. Placement of QR code on the base or on the post itself.

b] West Beckham Cemetery
KL advised no update

c] Community Shop
TT reported very good progress.
A permanent location for the shop is being investigated. The lockdown shop at the Red Hart would not be possible on a permanent basis. The Village Hall seemed unworkable. A PortaCabin has been considered. Currently the steering group are in advanced talks with landowner in Bodham regarding a central location in the village.
A Community Benefit Society (CBS) will be set up – registered with the financial conducts authority and sponsored by The Plunkett Foundation (community shop specialists). In due course residents will be able to buy a share in the community shop and become a member.
Full Planning consents will be needed but if all goes well a shop might be possible in 18 months.

d] RAF West Beckham Info Board for Village Hall
GH advised PC was especially busy with work at the moment. They had no new information to impart. JD advised there is no particular deadline for the RAF Board to be installed.

e] Allotment Track/Water collection Sump in West Beckham
RB was not available for the meeting so we had no update from Mr Witham on the possible costs of a water sump/drainage for the track.

f] Trophy for the Horticultural Show
Postponed visit to Langham Glass. After lockdown – maybe from 12th April?
TT advised the confirmed horticultural show date for 2021 is Saturday 24th July. (Last show 2019 – 27th July)

g] Play Area in West Beckham update on NNDC lease/fence maintenance
JS advised no news

h] Internet Access/Provision and voucher scheme
DB advised no update. He had ruled out the OpenReach Gov. sponsored voucher scheme as there were too few residents to make it cost effective. Open Reach had quoted a minimum of £100,000 pounds for fibre installation in the village.
ACl suggested Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink satellite may be possible in the future? Trials are already going ahead in some rural UK villages – early testers of the service have reported speeds of up to 215 megabits per second (Mbps)!
ItsWisp to be investigated further – possible for The Loke with a ‘bounced or relayed signal’ from an existing installation in East Beckham?

i] Schools IT Equipment
A letter had been received from the Head Teacher of Sheringham High School/CEO of North Norfolk Academy Trust thanking the Parish Council and Solar Fund for the donation of £2000. This donation is to help address connectivity and hardware issues faced by local students vital during lockdown. Used Lap tops had also been donated by a couple of residents who had spare resources.

j] Bulletin Issue
Felbeck Trust report on WBOA
Donation to support educational hardware issues faced by local students
Good Neighbour Team update – prescriptions, deliveries or shopping
Lockdown shop and deliveries from The Red Hart
Community Shop news
Summary of things achieved by SCFC
Postal votes – May elections
Village Sign information detail
RAF West Beckham display
Horticultural Show date
Projects for Trees?

4. AOB
Projects for Trees? Felbeck Trust had planted many trees but are there another locations in the Parish?
Sewage had been discharging in Sheringham Road after the snow/floods. Anglian water had been removing excess via tanker, but not before cottages had been flooded.
There had been a number of power surges recently which had caused LED lights to blow.
A baby boy had been born recently, in West Beckham. In 2020 a baby boy was born in East Beckham – it was lovely to hear of new borns in the village bringing down the average age in the Parish!?
5. Next Meeting date
Wednesday 15th April 7pm by Zoom

Meeting closed at 8pm, Thank you for attending!

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