15th April SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting

DATE: Thursday 15th April 2021
VENUE: BY ZOOM Virtual meeting
Opened meeting 7:00PM
Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, David McNeight, David Barrass, John Stibbons, Ardna Curran, Tracy Toyne, Lorraine and Simon Wakeford, Andrew and Lynne Clarke, Paul Coast

1. Apologies
Frances and Graham High

2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (February 2021)

3. Projects Update

a] Village Sign Info Board
This had been installed in the Bus Stop by DM – Thank you. Cheverton Printers have done a very good job with the art work etc and the display looks very well.

b] Village Sign QR Code and Web Hosting possible changes
DM explained it was time for renewal for Web Host ‘123 Reg’. Costs are slightly more than some, as they are for ‘WordPress websites’. Cost ex VAT is just over £100pa. DM is the administrator for the Website and does not change for this service. It would likely cost approximately £600pa to change the hosting/administrator to a commercially set up company, although DM is happy to continue. After discussion it was felt the current cost of web hosting was very good value and to go ahead with renewal.
QR Code would therefore be ordered asap to go on the Village Sign post – linking to the information on the website.
Further discussion regards the low footfall onto the website and possible ways to increase it. Facebook link with Bodham and Beckham Community Noticeboard to promote the website. Use of the Website for archive material, including memories from residents. (Bulletin Newsletter already has the Facebook link and Village Website address on the front page)

c] West Beckham Cemetery
KL advised no reply had been received to the email sent to Revd Ian Dyble regards the burial plan. She would continue to chase.

d] Community Shop
TT reported a Treasurer was being sought. Without this position being filled it means the project is ‘on hold’. Handling finance is likely to be a major part of the project given the fundraising is aiming for £250,000. DB (an Accountant by profession) advised he is willing offer support, but cannot offer to be the Treasurer due to other commitments.

e] RAF West Beckham Info Board for Village Hall
PC advised the draft of the Display board is nearly ready and likely to be availabe to view in a week or so. PC will contact JD at this point. Contact telephone for the Village Hall is needed by PC for access to view the location.

f] Allotment Track/Water collection Sump in West Beckham
It was agreed at the last Parish Council the idea of any extra spend should be ‘parked’ for the moment.
DB advised he and Paul Buck were going to try to install soak away pipes this weekend to help with track drainage/run off. PB had acquired some pipes and gravel.

g] Trophy for the Horticultural Show
Visit to Langham Glass was arranged by ACu and JD. Something like a robust paperweight as a Trophy.
TT advised Shirley Prince would need to advise a suitable Class for the Trophy.
JD asked if a donation should be made of £100 for the printing of Posters/Leaflets for the Horticultural Show. It was agreed last year, but due to Covid19 the show and spend was not made. It was agreed by all a £100 donation should be made.

h] Play Area in West Beckham/Affordable Housing scheme
In light of a possible housing scheme in the location of the play area in Church Road should any fencing/play equipment replacement be incorporated – however this maybe ‘jumping the gun’ as the scheme is in its infancy and by no means a forgone conclusion.

i] Bulletin Issue
Spring issue was delivered and was intended to incorporate the Broadband Housing Leaflet. However due to a delay, this leaflet was not ready and so the ‘exciting news’ statement was possibly inappropriate. SCFC will not be involved going forward. KL to advise NNDC/Broadland Housing to post leaflets the normal manner.
Several people had reported they liked the ‘pie chart’ display of spend and the general content had been well received/interesting.

4. SCFC abolition / amalgamation into Parish Council meetings
It was generally agreed the initial projects list had come to a conclusion and although there was more income over the next 3 years it was not necessary to spend the balance ‘quickly’.
It was generally felt SCFC inclusion into the Parish Council would be the best route but allowance for a ‘SFC discussion group’ within the PC meeting agenda.
Interested members of the public could attend and contribute. Finding a way to enable this (virtually?) should be explored. (Salthouse PC are also exploring virtual observation of their PC meetings by members of the public).
Zoom meetings had opened up the possibility of easy attendance but currently legal requirements ask for face to face meetings.
Next Parish Council meeting will be 7pm Thursday 20th May in the Village Hall
The Chair thanked all attending and contributions made over the years the SCFC had met

5. Anglia Water
Over flow of sewage drains in Sheringham Road were discussed (area close to the Substation)
There had been electrical problems in the past but there appeared to have improved (ACu)

6. AOB
New Walking Routes had been raised before but this seemed to have dropped off the agenda? Suggestins of 1) Baconsthorpe Castle, 2) Hell Hole via Bessingham Round, 3) Gresham/East Beckham Walk
Leaflets for the old Parish Stroll where to be re printed but need to be refreshed since the Village Sign has changed.
Problems for any national footpaths to be reported to JD who will report to the Council. (TT explained problem of pig churned land to JD)
JS advised he had received a phone call complaint regards the ‘cultivated’ Footpath from Cemetery to Church Road. KL to speak with RB to see if she could help

There will be no further SCFC meetings unless by special arrangement. The next Parish Council Meeting is 7pm Thursday 20th May in the Village Hall

Meeting closed at 8.25pm
Thank you for attending!

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