15th February SCFC Minutes

Held at Julia Dovey’s Home

Present: Julia Dovey (Chair) Kathryn Lord (Secretary), David McNeight, John Stibbons, David Barrass, Ardna Curran
The Meeting opened at 7:00pm

1. Apologies
Rosabelle Batt
Simon & Lorraine Wakeford

2. The minutes 7th December 2017 were agreed as fair reflection of the meeting.
JS reported investigation into the ‘Aldborough Community Bus’ for hire found the service was no longer available due to cuts and had been given details for the Dial a Ride service.
Christmas Bus – need feedback usage relating to 2nd trip on 16th Dec. 6 people made use of the first trip on the 9th December. First Choice to be contacted. Possible ’specials’ to be run in future? (Newsletter inclusion)

3. Projects
ALLOTMENT TRACK – DB reported quote breakdowns on track/apron approx £6,000 and carpark approx £3,500. As SCFC do not have sufficient money for this project contractors would need to be advised this would be more likely at the end of this year and further investigation can take place in the meantime. Rain harvesting/drainage was discussed. It was noted the track is deteriorating and possibly impassable to normal cars due to deep rutting. As the carpark was to alleviate the parking issues in East Beckham this does need attention.

Rain water harvesting at EB allotment – JD had found a company (Maydencroft from Hertfordshire) who had designed a shelter with 2500ltr tanks to collect rain water. DMc said he would cost something similar, possible to use old food containers with metal cages.

The old bench to be disposed of as rotten. The Plaque for Bob and Ivy to be fitted to the new bench which has been placed on Allotment 2 for the time being KL/DMc. The bench should be anchored for security. Are the fittings that came with the benches still available?

VILLAGE SIGN – it was decided at the Parish Council that the West Beckham Sign design should remain as before however modelling/painting to be improved. There is a photo of the sign in existence from1984. JD is asking for quotes.

DEFIBRILLATORS – They are both installed, but have not yet been ‘commissioned’ by the Ambulance service to officially be listed available. JS advised a meeting would need to be held for the Community, which would be advertised in The Bulletin.

As we have 2 defibrillators JS to investigate if 2 meetings can be arranged and advise KL for inclusion in the Bulletin. This will ensure more coverage if we are able to offer 2 dates. Suggestion: Thursday Evening, 2nd or 3rd week in April?

GREEN SPACES – JD advised the Felbeck Trust had worked on the Sustead Common land and it was impressive conservation work. They have provided a hide, fencing, tree and meadow cutting, and initiated paths. Bird, flowers, fungi and tree monitoring in the area too. It is now used by local school groups and people are encouraged to visit.

The Felbeck Trust will need to have a commitment from the Parish Council for 10 years. They are a charitable volunteering group but contributions are very welcome. It was felt this was a very good initiative and would be recommend to the PC to accept a Contractor work to commence. The TCV have now completed all work mentioned in their 5 year plan, so a good time to hand over to the Felbeck Trust who would look to start any work autumn 2018.

Picnic Bench is still to be located.

WEBSITE – Allotment Fees to increase in 2019-2020 when new contracts will be sent out incorporating Data Protection statements. Village notice boards to have the www.eastandwestbeckham.org.uk website name added KL/DM.

DMc to create a login for JD so West Beckham Walkers can post directly onto the website. The Village Stroll about the Beckham’s leaflet has been added to the website and is printable.
JD advised she had spoken to a couple of people who would be possible to record memories of the area from childhood etc.

BUS SERVICE – regular service is Monday Wednesday and Thursday (to Sheringham and Holt). The Coastal Hopper service is being looked at by Saunders Coaches.

VILLAGE WALK LEAFLET – A reprint at Chevertons x 200 to replenish the Bus Stop and holiday lets etc.

ROAD SAFETY – A Mirror at the cross road of Long Lane X Church Road (The Street) was discussed again and what a dangerous junction it is. Various options had been tried with Highways to no avail. It will be voted on at the next PC and AC suggested a contribution to cost may also be possible. JS advised a VAS (Vehicle Activated Sign) is being purchased via High Kelling PC/Highways. This might be possible to join in with their Village for a contribution?

VILLAGE CLEAN UP – Litter pickers and grip bags could be provided (JD advised the £ shop in Sheringham have some at present)
Advertise the date in Bulletin for 10AM Village Sign 28th April for volunteers.

THE BULLETIN – Content to include:
Defibrillators Meeting Dates.
Daffodils in bloom by V.Gates/Cemetery.
Feedback on Buses.
Village CLEAN UP date
Plan to improve allotment track fees to increase to £20 per plot in 2019-2020

KL advised a quote for the Bulletin had recently been counter costed at another printer/supplier Vocalsmag.com but this was more expensive than Chevertons. The convenience of Chevertons was very useful, especially quick turn rounds when needed.

4. AOB.
5. Next meeting date Thursday 12th April

Meeting ended 8.45PM

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