East Beckham Allotments

The allotment in East Beckham has vacancies. Each allotment is 30 ft (frontage) x 80 ft (depth). Smaller sizes can be allocated by arrangement. A contract will be raised with the Parish Council via the Council Clerk. The charge per plot is £10 per year, rising to £20 per year in 2019. The year starts 25th March. 

All enquiries to John Stibbons, Parish Clerk 01263 577397 johnstibbons@gmail.com

Allotment plots are offered to interested parties from outside the Parish, but priority will be given to Parish members.

The East side of the Allotment track has a small car park which is used for the allotment parking and also for East Beckham residents and visitor parking.  The state of the track, car park and entrance has deteriorated due to traffic and weather and this is to be reviewed. Investigations have shown that a longer term solution will be costly so further funds will need to be gathered to finance this project.

There is no mains water supply, so allotment holders must gather their own water as required.  However, the SCFC is looking at installing one or more rainwater harvesting systems on the site.