Solar Community Fund

Hall Farm Solar, the owners of the Solar Array built on land in the Parish, contribute a sum of approximately £11,000 per annum to the Parish Council.  This donation is for a period of 10 years from the establishment of the array in 2014.

As a result, every household received this invitation:

The Parishioners put forward lots of ideas and a committee of residents was formed as a sub-committee to the Parish Council to produce a questionnaire to ask opinions on all the ideas presented.  When all the responses were collated, the committee began work on making these ideas a reality.

If you wish to see the progress being made, please refer to copies of the Beckham Bulletin. The minutes of the Solar Community Fund Committee are available to read and you can send us your comments using the form at the bottom.

The Solar Community Fund Committee is open to all East and West Beckham parishioners. Why not join us? We would really like more volunteers to help get things done and to put forward your views. We have completed many of the suggestions raised by the initial consultation, so why not influence what happens next? We meet every other month in Bodham and Beckham village hall, on a Thursday from 7 pm, for about an hour or so. Please contact Julie Dovey (chair) or Kathryn Lord (secretary).