20th June SCFC Minutes

Held at Julia’s Dovey Home

Present: Julia Dovey (Chair) Kathryn Lord (Secretary), David McNeight, David Barrass, Ardna Curran, Simon and Lorraine Wakeford, Rosabelle Batt, John Stibbons

The Meeting opened at 7:05pm

1. Apologies

2. The minutes 12.04.18 were agreed as fair reflection of the meeting.

3. Projects

1] National Allotment Society Course attended by KL. It was highlighted by NAS that water billing problems/errors on allotments where taking place across the country. It further endorsed the decision to provide no mains water, but to harvest rain water.
RMcN-W had offered Bulk Liquid containers (ex fertiliser) which we could use to collect water. KL to make contact.
It was agreed to establish a shelter with roof to collect water this way. DB and DMcN

2] Allotment track. Given the next Solar funding is due in October and the Parish Council meeting will be in November the quotes for the track/entrance/carpark should be sort in readiness of this meeting. We would then be in a position to get the work done. JD had asked Thomson builders if they would in interested to tender a quote and they confirmed they would be. DB to organise the 3 necessary quotes.

3] JD to attend the Felbeck Trust meeting in July. Suggestions by SCFC for direction? A picnic table? Owl boxes? Bird feeders?. LM advised a NWT volunteer was working on WB/EB areas for Felbeck Trust – a species list was being created. Information boards at some point but it maybe too early now.

4] LM to check with NWT team re Management Plan for the Churchyard/Graveyard availability and if this can be passed to KL. In turn this may be useful to aid with the reduction of work needed by the Church Warden etc.

5] An old photo of the West Beckham sign has been processed by Chevertons to A3 size. The frame cost at driftwood galleries with mount has been quoted at £40. It was agreed give them the go ahead. East Beckham sign needs to be taken. KL showed one taken on her pone and it was agreed with a clean up of ‘East’ wording by photoshop this would be a good photo. KL to send to Chevertons.

The new WB Village sign design was discussed. KL to advise Village Sign People and get the designs drawn by their Designer.

6] The Village clean up date. It was felt the village litter had improved since the cutting of the verges etc had collected rubbish at the same time. The clean up was therefore postponed for another time. It had been established the equipment (pickers, hi viz jackets etc) are available from NNDC.

7] The picnic table at the West Beckham Play ground was rotting and so the Glasdon bench to replace this one. It had already been discussed with Richard Hudson/Stuart earlier in the year but this had not happened. JD to discuss/prompt action.

8] Bus service – it was suggested setting up a bus for an event to make it more appealing. For example 1940’s weekend (14th – 16th September 2018) or turning on Christmas Lights in Sheringham (16/11/2018). Would a Volunteer car rota be possible? What is the implication for insurance?

9] Suggestion Box. Despite asking the community in the Bulletin about ideas for using the Solar Fund money no ideas had come forward. A suggestion box may allow people to leave suggestion or comment. It was suggested to put a box into the Bus stop in West Beckham and some suggestion slips (also maybe a tear off slip in the next Bulletin). DMcN to make a box (with see through front) for installation.

10] AC had investigated ‘Emergency Call Network’ systems for villages to aid in case of emergency.
A suggestion to create a village volunteer ‘WhatsApp’ Group maybe an option but it was not likely to work for the older generation or where the mobile network was poor. Community Heartbeat were due to call and advise – AC to follow up.
JS also advised he was looking at First Aid Training on behalf of the Parish Council.
High Kelling are already investigating setting up an emergency network – JD to follow up if we could learn from this or to join their network.
JS advised Salthouse created a network as a result of the sea surges and the need to have a list of people to advise and aid (drs) in case of emergency.
JS to investigate District or County Council schemes setting up a Register of Specialist Skills: for example – people with a 4×4, or medical training.

11] ‘Message in a Bottle’ (via the Lions Club). KL had contacted Lions Club and they were prepared to supply 100 MIB for a donation of £40. However it was felt a blanket distribution of the MIB with the Bulletin was not a recommend way to distribute them. In their experience the bottles don’t get used appropriately and go to waste. It was therefore felt best to leave the idea until maybe another First Aid event or time when villagers could be shown and helped to complete the extensive form.

12] The Household Information Sheet was out of date as issued back in 2016. Could everyone review so it can be updated. KL advised it was on the website so it can be printed as needed. Once updated it can be held here. A triple fold (as per Stroll around the Beckham’s) was preferred and adverts for local business could be added to help fund it (as per Link Up). Add Mobile Post Office and Fish and Chip Van at Bodham

13] Next Bulletin issue – end July
New Village sign advise progress.
Volunteer Group? Transport or emergency network?
Xmas Lights or 1940’s weekend Bus service?
Village Social History – recording of stories – would anyone be interested to record these and put together as a booklet?

4. AOB.
Grit Bin at West Beckham Church Corner was broken – could it be replaced with the new one. JS to action.

5. Next meeting date
Wednesday 22nd August at Julia Dovey’s home

Meeting ended 9:00 PM

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