5th February SCFC Minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting

DATE: Tuesday 5th February 2019
VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham)
Opened meeting 7:05PM
Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, David Barrass, Andrew Clarke, Rosabelle Batt, David McNeight

1. Apologies: John Stibbons, Simon and Lorraine Wakeford, Lynne Clarke, Ardna Curran,

2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (October 2018)
Any matters arising:
Previously JD presented a form with several subjects/items so that everyone could consider ON GOING costs and a contingency sum to be allocated from the Solar Community Fund. This will be reviewed at the next meeting as JS was not available at this meeting.
Cherry trees at the Playground had been trimmed back, Picnic bench installed at West Beckham Green, Grit bin installed at the Church Corner.
East Beckham Allotment – ploughed, but hedging needs dealing with and the bonfire with remains from tree clearance is not yet burnt. Fly tipping of green laurel has been added.

3. Projects Update

A. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments
DM showed a revised design/plan for the water catchment for 4 BLC (bulk liquid containers) which also showed a metal sheet roof. This came to under £500 that had been agreed by the PC. It was agreed this should go ahead asap – team of volunteers to be booked for a suitable date to start DM, DB, NR, PB, TA). KL advised a middle plot, east side, (no 21) had been allocated.

B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotments
DB had advised the 2 new contractors quotes are due to visit next week. One is regularly building farm tracks. A previous contractor had withdrawn.
RB advised hardcore could be made available from Gresham Gravel at a competitive rate.
KL asked would this work include the allotment/village carpark surface?

C. Allotment West Beckham – use?
JD advised the field (and docks) had been cut after the last meeting.
Trevor Williams from the Felbeck Trust had visited the site with JD, KL & LW in December.
Dog walking secure enclosure would be highly sought after by some villagers but also by the wider community but it was felt a carpark would be needed and regular extra traffic down allotment lane would be a detrimental ‘attraction’. TW suggested a wild flower meadow (especially of this size) would be of great naturalist interest due to scarcity in Norfolk (and nationally). It is very likely that money grants and volunteers to help maintain the land would then be forthcoming. A ‘ghost pond’ had also been identified by LW/TW which could be reinstated close to the hedge/track. This would therefore be ‘self funding’ going forward? Tree planting was also discussed which could enhance the natural surrounding. This should be discussed at the next PC meeting as FT would need to have a similar 10 year lease.
KL also suggested a piece in the Bulletin for the residents to respond to.

D. Felbeck Trust (existing plots East Beckham Common and West Beckham Green)
The Trust had already completed installation of the bird boxes in West Beckham Green. Clearance of bracken is expected. East Beckham a bench had already been installed and a picnic bench will be built and installed. JD suggested a small donation to the Trust (£100) would pay for the wood to build this. This was agreed.
RB to advise regards the piece of land at the top entrance of the Common. Should this be included in the work by the Felbeck trust? JD required information prior to Felbeck Trust visit on 12th March when NWT are to conduct a wildlife survey.

E. WB Village Sign
KL advised VSP had sent an order confirmation sheet (order initiated 25th May 2018) which needs to be signed by the PC.
The cost of the Sign (2 sided design) was £5675. Cllrs Batt and Barrass agreed the design.
This was including delivery but not installation.
It was agreed a face to face meeting would be held in Suffolk with the VSP prior to the coloured artwork being completed.
KL to get RMW to sign the document.

F. Village Hall and Horticultural Show
JD was on both these committees. The last horticultural show was the best, most well attended show. It was felt this was due to the increase publicity (schedules printed and distributed to the Beckham, as well as Bodham, plus included in the Bulletin). It was agreed the £100 would be given to the Horticultural Show fund for printing the schedule/posters again this year (as last year). Children’s workshops will also be held the week prior to the show. Horticultural Show date 26th July. There is also a resident of West Beckham who had joined the Village Hall Committee. She remembers times when there was a carnival queen in West Beckham – JD advised she has photos etc. Good for the website.

G. Emergency Help network
AC could not attend the meeting however she reported the ‘VETS’ system is still under discussion for East Anglian Ambulance Service. Maybe by next meeting we will have more answers. JD also presented details of the Norfolk Swift Response (a County Council service) for 24 hour help to those in need – if you know of anyone vulnerable people who may benefit let them know. It was agreed to put a copy on each Notice Board and put detail on Website.

H. Household Information Sheet
The new Household information sheet had been reissued and sent out with the New Year Bulletin. It was well received although one resident had contacted JD to comment the sign for the Wheatsheaf Pub was not clear. – they are also the village shop and hub which was not included.

I. Bulletin
Content for Spring:
Village Social History – continue response from resident who is checking the WW1 Book published by Sheringham Town Council as it has mention of a Lad from West Beckham. JD also suggested the war memorial names could be researched. This could be made available at the Church & on the website.
Village Sign?
Water Harvesting?
Allotment Track?
VETS emergency network – update? & Norfolk Swift Response.
Wheatsheaf Pub – village shop/hub/opening hours/accommodation?
Elections – in May – new voting location – Village Hall no longer the Wheatsheaf – (due to costs and disabled accessibility).
Fly Tipping – environmental Contacts

4. AOB
Open Space & Recreation Facilities Survey for North Norfolk Council. JD to complete.
JD to contact Safer Neighbourhood Team/Police to ask about the Beckham Palace. The owners Brian and Hilary had not been seen for 3 years – were they alright?
Fly tipping had occurred down Church Road – on one of the field entrances.

5. Next Meeting dates
at 7PM at Julia Dovey’s Home
Tuesday 9th April
Tuesday 11th June
Tuesday 6th August

Meeting closed at 8.25pm
Many thanks go to Julia and Norman for the use of their home for the meetings.

Cllr Kathryn Lord (Secretary E&WB Solar Community Fund Committee)
kathryn.lord@me.com / 07711070417
2 Hall Farm Cottages, Church Road,
West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk
NR25 6NX

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