9th April SCFC minutes

Solar Community Fund Committee Meeting

DATE: Tuesday 9th April 2019
VENUE: Julia Dovey’s Home (White House, The Street, West Beckham)
Opened meeting 7:05PM
Attended by: Julia Dovey, Kathryn Lord, Andrew Clarke (ACl), Lynne Clarke, Ardna Curran (ACu), Rosabelle Batt, David Barrass, David McNeight, John Stibbons

1. Apologies: Simon and Lorraine Wakeford

2. The minutes were agreed as a fair reflection of the last meeting (Feb 2019)
Any matters arising:
WB Village Sign order confirmation had been signed by RMNW/KL and returned to the company. The next step will be for the coloured artwork to be produced but after a face to face meeting with VSP and when they are nearer to our order. This may or may not be in 2019 as there are several prior orders before ours.
The Parish Council donated £100 to the Felbeck Trust.
The Norfolk Swift Response was put onto the Beckham website.

3. Projects Update

A. Water Harvesting at East Beckham Allotments
DM advised the roof had been raised in a structure and the next step will be to move the bulk liquid containers into place with guttering channeling the water. Thanks to David MCNeight and David Barrass. It was advised Norfolk will be getting drier (water aquifers) as global warming hits.

B. Allotment Track at East Beckham Allotment
DB advised the quote from Withams was reasonable at £900 for the track and £900 for the carpark but this is using Tarmac chipping.
DB is also expecting a further quote from Nigel Roe of Church Road, but they are still discussing and costing the best options to chippings the job.
Drainage alongside the track and a sump collect the runoff – to pump water back to the water station is something to consider/cost.
It is very difficult to get a like for like quotation as each contractor has come up with a different idea. When quotes are in the Parish Council (in May hopefully) will need to discuss the best way forward. It was felt the longer term solution would be worth it, as cheaper options would not necessarily last as proved by the previous treatment of the track.

C. Use Allotment West Beckham
JD advised she was waiting for the Felbeck Trust to come back with a proposal regards the field. (Received and circulated after the meeting)
A pond is being suggested and this was seen to be a positive option by the committee, also requested some Child friendly play area or interaction. JD to discuss with TW at the Felbeck Trust.
KL to include in the Bulletin – Residents to suggest or respond to the idea of a wildflower meadow to be managed by the Felbeck Trust.The benefit to the Parish ongoing would be the Felbeck Trust funds the upkeep of the land and have their experts/volunteers to ‘make it happen’.

D. Emergency Help network
ACu reported it was not possible for East Anglian Ambulance Service to have a ‘VETS’ system due to technical reasons and could not risk failure of their Emergency systems. JD was going to be in discussion with a Parish Councillor in Foxley who had a network running to understand how they managed it. Foxley however is a bigger population than in the Beckhams. KL asked if we could combine with our villages e.g. High Kelling, Bodham etc but it was felt people would be too far away to work well.
JD confirmed Norfolk Swift Response (a free County Council emergency care service) 24 hour help for those in need was highly recommend by an elderly neighbour. KL to put details into the Bulletin.

E. Household Information Sheet
This should be revisited on a need to basis rather than yearly.

F. Beckham Palace
JD advised she had not been able to confirm if the owners of the property where still there. RB to ask the postman if he knows or has seen the residents or supplied mail.

G. Expenditure Ongoing
JD had previously circulated forms as an aide memoire. Expenditure should be allocated into a reserve to keep the various projects already established maintained. (e.g. Defibrillators, play equipment, allotment track/carpark, noticeboards/mapboards, village signs, benches, Bulletin newsletter etc).
Certain projects such as the allotment track were difficult to predict as they had not yet been completed or decided.
Certain sums were discussed on specific areas and another possibility was to set aside 10% or 20% pa, or to decide at least £10,000 should be kept in reserve for the Parish.
It is not necessary for the fund to be entirely spent every year over the next 5 years of Solar Fund contributions. A fund can be accrued lasting maybe 10-15 years or more?
It was decided to contact contractor ‘Withams’ regards cutting of the allotment hedgerows on an annual basis (Need to do this now to set up for June?) DB/KL
Extension to the allotment Water station at some point?
Should another defibrillator be ordered for Sheringham road – if so, where would be an appropriate location with power? Would this be sensible if we have not got an emergency network established first?
Could another bench could be purchased to put opposite the bus shelter in West Beckham for ‘good weather days’ so children can wait outside for the school bus? (Swap the Glasden bench for a cheaper wooden bench inside the bus shelter?)
East Beckham Village sign was created by Roy Simpson who was the farm manager at Hall Farm. JS to ask RS how should the sign best be maintained – powder coating or painting.
Website is currently approximately £60pa for hosting and registration of the domain name. DM to invoice PC as has been paid by DM personally, after the initial year of set up.

H. Village Hall and Horticultural Show
JD confirmed the PC had donated £100 for the printing of the schedules for the horticultural show. Last year was a very well attended show and it was thanks to the publicity created by the schedules plus invitation to both Beckham and Bodham residents.

I. Village Pump
The Village pump had been renovated by 2 local residents and is to be installed at the end of the Church. The PC had refunded the small cost involved. KL to include in the Bulletin.

J. Village Clean Up
A date was hard to find that all parties could attend in the next couple of months so it was decided to work separately. JD had already cleaned up round the Bus shelter all the way to Red Barn. The white Village gates did not clean up with just hot water and detergent (as suggested by Glasdon). AC was to try again with bleach to remove green algae. AC advised he picks up rubbish when walking the dog. It was noted blue rubber gloves and rubber bands were being thrown onto the ground by the daffodil pickers. KL to contact Chestnut Farm (RMNW) to see if this could be rectified.

K. Bulletin next issue
KL advised will endeavour to get this edition published/printed before Easter, so it can be delivered asap. Content was as above and other items, as discussed.

4. AOB

5. Next Meeting dates
at 7PM at Julia Dovey’s Home
Tuesday 11th June

Meeting closed at 8.50pm
Many thanks go to Julia and Norman for the use of their home for the meetings.

Cllr Kathryn Lord (Secretary E&WB Solar Community Fund Committee)
kathryn.lord@me.com / 07711070417
2 Hall Farm Cottages, Church Road,
West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk
NR25 6NX

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